Fight phishing frictionlessly with Ironscales

Quickly detect phishing emails that slip through traditional defenses, combining anti-phishing technologies with Security Awareness Training (SAT) into a single, seamless solution.

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Advanced malware protection in a single dashboard

Unlike traditional Secure Email Gateway (SEG) solutions, Ironscales integrates with more than 60 malware protection engines to provide a single dashboard that continually monitors both attachments and links for instant detection and remediation of any suspected attack.

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Integrates seamlessly with all your email platforms

With Atera’s integration, you can deploy Ironscales in just a few clicks, and have it seamlessly integrate with whichever email platforms you and your clients use, including Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and more!

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Protect against various of complex email threats

Ironscales’ AI-driven, email security platform to continuously detect and protects from any type of email attack, including business email compromise (BEC), spear phishing, credential theft, supply chain attacks, CEO or employee impersonation, malware, ransomware, polymorphic, zero-day attacks, and more!

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Neutralize zero-day malware attacks, block phishing attempts, and maintain peace of mind with Atera and Ironscales.

Bliss is worth much more than $4 per mailbox.

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