Always wondered about how to use Atera’s Network Discovery to boost your business prowess? You’re in luck! Our recent training webinar shared a demo of how to use Network Discovery, and you can watch it back right here. If you want a cheat sheet with your highlights – keep reading!


Rewind: What exactly is Network Discovery?


At Atera, Network Discovery is a tool that automatically identifies and lists every asset and component of an IT environment and even uncovers potential upsell opportunities that you can take to your customers. It’s great for onboarding, QBRs, and security – making sure you’re not plagued by shadow IT, those applications and assets that you don’t know are connected to the network.

With detailed information on each network device, you can see in real-time what’s happening in each customer environment.


One great use is to provide an accurate quote to a prospect for monitoring and managing their environment, running a quick scan before they even onboard, to get a full view of their IT architecture before you offer them a price plan.


Performing Network Discovery scans


Manually set up your Network Discovery scans any way you choose, running them from domain controllers or from any device that’s part of a workgroup with the Atera agent installed, or turning them off altogether for customers where it’s unnecessary. You then select how you would like to run the scan, and in just a few moments, the scan will start propagating information to show you what’s happening on the network, including all connected devices and SNMP devices.


You can see at a glance which devices are being monitored and which are not, viewing the device type, RTT, IP address, MAC address, manufacturer, OS details, and more.


If the scan is run from a domain controller you can also see storage information, all from the same dashboard.


Network Discovery reports


One great use for Network Discovery is to share reports with customers to prove the value of the monitoring that you’re providing. You can show customers at a glance from a single report an overview of their environment including workstation and server status, device types, storage, OS platform, OS aging, and monitoring status. We currently have Excel reports, with PDF functionality right around the corner.


Watch this space: Soon, you’ll be able to get security notifications and updates from the Network Discovery dashboard, too.


On your own back-end, from the Network Discovery main dashboard, you can view the information directly in line with each customer, such as how many networks you’re monitoring, and whether scans are active or inactive. This helps to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Filter based on criteria such as customers with active Network Discovery, monitored and unmonitored devices, and more.


Setting up alerts


Don’t forget to set up alerts to keep you up to date with what’s happening in customer environments, after Network Discovery scans occur twice a day. Choose the severity of your alerts and the actions, so that you can decide whether you get notifications within Atera or email notifications of an action that needs to be taken.
What are you waiting for?


If you haven’t tried Network Discovery yet – you have a free trial waiting for you! It’s charged per technician the same way as your usual Atera tier, so you can keep your costs low while handing over the benefits to your own end-customers.


Want to see how Network Discovery works for yourself, and learn from your fellow Atera’s Q&A session? Watch the whole training webinar, right here.


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