When your customers are looking for support, you want to be there as quickly as possible. Increasingly, consumers are looking for self-service options or alternatives to email, to make the process of troubleshooting quicker and more effective. What might take a day or more to solve with two or three emails back and forth, or a lengthy wait in a ticketing system, can be dealt with in under a minute with the help of live chat.

Research shows that 92% of customers feel satisfied when they are using live chat. It’s faster, and more intuitive than any other kind of customer support. This level of efficiency and satisfaction can’t help but make a difference to your business’ bottom line.

That’s why when our customers asked for a live chat and messaging system, we at Atera knew that it was a great idea. Our priority has always been to help you reach your clients and enhance your relationships with them, and this is clearly the natural next step. We pride ourselves on listening to all of you, and responding to your needs, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve created with you in mind.

Atera Live Chat


Top features of new Atera Live Chat include:

Troubleshoot in real-time. No need for a connection to your client’s machine or device. In fact, live chat has been proven to be more effective than any other customer support channel- with agents solving customer problems in an average of 42 seconds!

Instant availability. Your technicians will receive an alert whenever a customer is waiting. Issues which may previously have taken days of back and forth communication can be solved in minutes, providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Seamless escalation. Easily turn the conversation into a support ticket where necessary. Set aside a problem to focus on later in the day, send it to a manager or colleague with more specific expertise in the matter, or even put a pin in a conversation when the customer gets called away.

We hope that this feature will enhance your relationships with your customers, improving your bottom line in terms of both efficiency and best-practice customer experience. Let us know if you have any comments or questions – we’d love to hear from you!

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