Atera’s Latest Release Streamlines Key Features and Adds New Powerful One’s

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest Atera upgrade which adds some very useful new functionality.

This release concentrates on streamlining some key functions saving you time and effort. Improving ticket management through Merging tickets into a single ticketץ A couple of new data points have also been added making keeping track of your devices and agents a breeze. Lastly we’d like to let your know about our new referral program, see below for details!


Atera API


A unique access key now protects your account . Atera’s API offers multiple methods of integrating and extending Atera’s functionality. Use our API to easily integrate with your accounting system, enhance your team’s productivity and create seamless integrations.

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We wanted to thank you for supporting Atera and also give you the opportunity to recommend the best SaaS IT Management platform to your friends. For every friend who purchases an Atera subscription following your referral we’ll give you both a free license for one month!
This is your chance to enjoy a free month of service and make a friend happy too. For more info just click the “Refer a Friend” in your Atera dashboard.


Clone IT Automation & Threshold profiles


Now it is much easier and more convenient to create multiple Threshold profiles using the ‘cloning’ feature. Select a current profile, rename it, and save as a new profile updating only the variables you need to.

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Clone to SNMP profile


In order to save time and effort, you can now import SNMP OID’s from an existing SNMP device.


Merge Tickets


Merging tickets provides the ability to merge one or more tickets into another ticket.
You might do this if you receive two [or more] support requests about the same issue from the same end-user, for example a user unable to access two applications that is actually a network connectivity problem.

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Number of agents & servers in organization


Now it’s easy to view the number of agents and servers in an organization and link this to agent based contracts and billing.


Last login info on Agent page


The last login info for a device is now shown on an agent page making it easy to monitor and audit user access.


Atera keeps making it easier and more convenient to manage your customers IT systems. This release contains some strong integration upgrades via API and streamlines some key functions.