Happy take your Webmaster to lunch day!

July 8th is no regular day, it’s take your webmaster to lunch day, which is essentially an occasion to celebrate their work and contribution to your life and business. Even if you can’t make it to a physical lunch, extending your thanks and showing them that you appreciate their value will go a long way.


Who is a webmaster?


A webmaster is at the heart of any business. The term is actually broad and can refer to web architects, developers, or administrators, for example.


Your webmaster is responsible for the creation, management, and ongoing maintenance of your website, as well as upkeeping your server.


Why are webmasters important?


A webmaster does more than just build you a website. In fact, a webmaster’s role extends much beyond the internal running of your website.


In a world where almost everything a business does relates to the internet in some way, a webmaster plays a critical role in ensuring that your online presence is as strong as it should be. This can include things like technical SEO (search engine optimization), solving any and all bugs that may arise, keep the website looking sleek, and so much more!


They ensure proper integration with search engines, manage permissions, and make sure that your website loads quickly, which is absolutely key to user experiences, and ultimately, driving conversions.


Why do you need a webmaster?


If your organization doesn’t have a webmaster, today might be a good time to reconsider why. It’s not unusual for business owners to feel like they can handle their website themselves.


Though not necessarily untrue, hiring a dedicated professional can make a world of difference to your site. Here are just a few reasons why:


Website security and updates


A website isn’t a one-time project, it requires ongoing upkeep and maintenance to ensure it’s fully secure and up to date.


Without proper security measures in place, you may open your site and business to cyberattacks that can result in damaging downtime and disruption of your operations.


A webmaster is responsible for patch management, server monitoring, performing backups and ensuring your website is fully secured.


Website speed


Customers these day only have so much patience. If your site is taking a while to load, this may be a big reason that you’re not hitting the conversion rates you’re aiming for. Business owners looking to speed up their site may find themselves out of their depth if they try and address this themselves. A webmaster will know all the tips and tricks that they can use to accelerate your site loading time and help you to drive conversions.


Peace of mind

Don’t underestimate the value of peace of mind. As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to have to think about is the technicalities of your website.


Continue customizing

The beauty of bringing a webmaster on board is that you can continue to fine-tune and customize your site. You’ll be able to add bespoke features or streamline existing functions. Plus, as your business grows, your site will too.


How to celebrate take your webmaster to lunch day


Take your webmaster to lunch


The most obvious way to celebrate is to treat your webmaster to lunch. Show them that you understand the value they bring to your company.


Buy them a coffee


If you don’t have the bandwidth to take them to lunch, even buying them a cup of coffee is a nice gesture of gratitude they’ll be sure to appreciate.


Send them a well-deserved thank you email


Finally, the most low-key way of celebrating take your webmaster to lunch day is to send an email. You could send a personal message as well as a company-wide message to let everyone know about the day!



What is a webmaster called now?


Many webmasters don’t necessarily call themselves webmasters. Instead, many prefer to call themselves other titles, like a web developer, website manager, website engineer, or several other terms.


No matter what your webmasters may call themselves, they definitely deserve at least one lunch to be recognized for their hard work, right?


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