Our Q1 Recap… Plus, What’s to Come in Q2?

It was great to see so many of you this week for our quarterly Atera Fireside Chat. We loved letting you know what we’ve achieved in Q1, and giving you a sneak peek into our roadmap for the next few months. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed!


Let’s Recap Q1 of 2019


The biggest change for us this year is our move to Microsoft Azure Service Fabric. We invested close to a year of development work into this project. We now have rapid feature release, with a new version coming out every 3 weeks full of feature improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.

The move to Service Fabric has improved stability and reliability, enhanced system performance, and now allows us to enjoy massive scalability in a granular way, sending resources exactly where they are needed.

Through Azure Service Fabric, we can implement your feedback quickly and easily, and monitor the system in a more accurate and granular way to ensure stability and great user experience. Our new infrastructure has enabled us to quickly solve problems, make service more efficient, and maintain the system far better than ever before. We hope you love it, too!

Check out the video below to learn more about this change and how it makes Atera an even more powerful tool as a complete RMM software for IT professionals.


Source: Drs. Albert Spijkers

Key Feature Releases of Q1


Since the beginning of January, we have released four versions, with another new version coming this Sunday the 21st of April.

Here are some of our notable additions:

– Two more remote connection integrations, one with ScreenConnect and one with TeamViewer, both enterprise and business edition – Change enterprise to Corporate.
MSI for the agent installer, so that users can use their preferred tool to automatically deploy agents.
– The technician signature feature. Your outgoing tickets can now be customized with HTML, including your logo, links or branding.
Enhanced patching for Mac devices, ensuring our Apple users have top security and performance.
– Added variables for scripts so that users do not need to create new scripts for each new customer.
Custom fields to all devices, enabling users to track systems such as routers or firewalls, with custom views in devices tab to see what’s about to expire.
– You can also now add device attachments to suit your own business strategy and process.

As well as these, you’ve probably spotted that we’ve made some great improvements to our chat feature, as well as ensured you’re all up to date with the latest Microsoft Office and Server 2019 updates – Regarding the additions to chat – we should add – “smoothing the chat process by removing the “token confirmation system”.

Full details for these new versions can be found in the release notes on our website. Here you can see all bug fixes, changes and improvements in detail.


Our Plans for Q2


We have some exciting plans for Q2. We’re replacing the .Net 3.5, streamlining and simplifying agent installation, and upgrading the agent capabilities. This is going to be our top priority for this quarter, alongside eliminating support for TLS 1.0 for security purposes.

We’re also going to be adding multi-factor authentication, another important security focus. Thanks to everyone who voted on your preferred application for this during the Fireside Chat, it was really helpful to get your input.

This quarter, we will be providing updates to our QuickBooks support, including to tax metrics, with more flexibility on our QuickBooks integration to add taxes by province, state, city or billable items. You should see a deepened integration with QuickBooks desktop overall. For anyone using Xero, watch this space for improvements in the pipeline, and make sure to get in touch if we can help you with any specifics.

We’ve heard that you’re looking for improvements to search, so we’re looking to add more custom options, a deeper search, and general improvements to efficiency and speed.

We’ve also had a lot of recent input on reporting. In the next version, we’re planning to enhance the reports capabilities in two vectors. Firstly, we will be improving current reports, and secondly, we will be integrating with third party reporting products. This data can then be used to generate your reports in a seamless way.

We’re working on documentation capabilities so that you can continue to hold information and sensitive data like passwords in a safe and efficient way. We’re also investing in our knowledge-base to allow for better sharing of information between you and your customers.

We’ve added two new PSA webinars and one Remote Monitoring & Management webinar this quarter. By popular demand, we’re soon to add new webinars on reports, chat and remote access, and billing. You will also be able to enjoy video webinars from our new video library.

All the while, we will of course continue to update small features, making bug fixes and improvements.


Join our Community and New & Improved Ideas Portal


If you haven’t joined our online community – what are you waiting for? We would love to have as many Aterans to have as many customers and trial customers as possible joining our Facebook group! It’s an active community of users, and a great place to discuss all things IT, from managing clients, and running your business, to Atera-specific queries and concerns.

Input is really important for us, and a crucial part of how we create our road-map. Our current Ideas Board is in need of an update, and so we are delighted to unveil our new Ideas Portal that should be going live in about one week. We will be transferring data from the old one to the new one, and here you will be able to give more information on the features you need and how you want them to look. It will also be where you can vote on other people’s ideas, and show us your enthusiasm for the latest requests.

If you have any questions about our Q2 road-map, or anything else you want to get our feedback on, reach out via our 24/7 customer portal and email support. 80% of our emails are answered within two hours. You can also try us via live chat between Monday and Friday between 6AM and 9PM EST for an immediate response.


For those who couldn’t join us, here’s the webinar video recording:


Thanks again to all of our Aterans who made it to our Q2 Fireside Chat. We hope to see you again next time!


Q1 Webinar

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