Life takes you through many experiences, and in a previous life, before I was Head of SEO at Atera (the dream job – obviously) I used to teach Salsa! I spent 10 years in the Salsa world, choreographing shows, running my own dance group, and even coaching the Israeli team for the World Latin Dance Championships.


I learned a lot from my time teaching Salsa, and one of the main messages I tried to convey to my students was you should never try to recreate a whole piece exactly how it’s presented to you. Instead, take what speaks to you and incorporate that into your own dance.


You might have noticed that Atera is on the fast track right now. We’re growing quickly and we’re so excited to continue to share best practices that will help our Aterans reach their own greatest possible heights. That’s why I’m so happy to announce the launch of our new Thought Leadership series, where we’ll take the best ideas, talks, discussion points, and theories and highlight them right here for the Atera community, both in easy to read blog format, and in audio bites to listen to on the go. 


We’re all unique


Of course, just like with dance – everyone has their own strengths and their own focus. We’re now serving more than 90 countries, and the best practices that work for one company won’t suit another. You have your own team, your own technicians, and your own customers. Some of our Aterans are one-man bands, while others have dozens of MSP clients, or work according to granular requirements as internal IT. While some of you might need a pep talk or to learn how to up your sales game, others might need technical support. As you know, you’ll never be able to truly laser focus your consulting on one single customer without losing the attention of another.


This series will provide ideas and thought leadership on concepts and practical advice that you can tie to your business, but just like I used to say to my dancers – don’t try to copy it all! Look for what speaks to you, come to the table with a skeptical view, ready to challenge, ask questions, and of course – to learn. An idea might look huge, but ask yourself “What can I take away? What resonates?”


Ready to get started? Us too!


Think beyond getting more customers to sign on the dotted line. Our goal is to help you to better your life and to better your business by providing a powerful message, a strong image, or an impactful metaphor that can improve your leadership skills, your negotiation prowess, your work/life balance, or your business understanding.


Coming up, we’ll be sparking your imagination with content from Matt Dixon, Indra Nooyi, Simon Sinek, Chris Wiser, Daniel Pink, Hilda Clune, and many more! 


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