July-16 Webinar Recording

A few weeks ago we released our July version and ran a Webinar to present the new content.

The release included a major upgrade to the system in the new Billing module, and an industry first: an automated KPI Benchmark that compares your hourly billing rates to the industry median in real-time.

As if those major upgrades weren’t enough, we added 3rd party patching support and many other capabilities. The Webinar was aimed at both new and existing users, and was attended by over two hundred of our customers.

It was presented by two key members of the Atera team:

  • Gil – Atera CEO
  • Liron – Director, Customer Success.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, you now have the opportunity to view the recorded Webinar. Perfect timing to catch up on our latest release.

Here’s what we managed to cover in just 45 minutes!

  • Release of the new Real-Time infrastructure.
  • The new Billing module – a full hands-on overview of how it works.
  • The Benchmark within the Billing module and how it works.
  • Quick overview of the Integrated Online Backup and Disaster Recovery module.
  • Integrating Ninite Pro.
  • The launch of the new Atera Idea Portal