November Release is Live – Includes upgrade to Patch Management & IT Automation

We are proud to announce the Atera November 2016 release. This release contains a highly requested upgrade to the Atera Patch Management capabilities and some great additional IT Automation features to make managing and reporting on your IT Automation activities.


We also made it possible for you to create and edit scripts on the fly – this should save you a lot of time and make working with scripts a much smoother experience.
As well as all that we also included a new notification center so we can engage with you even better; and tweaked some back-end synchronization features so you have more time to concentrate on the important stuff.

Here’s the release highlights. We hope you find them useful.


Auto Feedback Summary Email


Atera now supports automatic email feedback reports for IT Automation, Script, Patch Management and Maintenance Tasks. Once recipient addresses are added these email reports will be sent automatically at the end of task completion.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


IT Automation Feedback Report


The new IT Automation reporting provides detailed feedback on what tasks were completed within a selected IT Automation Profile.
The report includes information on Patches, Scripts and general IT Maintenance actions. This report is useful for validating in detail that both scheduled and on-demand profile tasks have been completed successfully.


For more information on this feature see the KB.


New ‘Execute Now’ function


This function gives you the flexibility to run a previously created Automation Profile immediately. Once executed the Automation Profile will continue to run as scheduled.

Upgraded Scheduling


This feature request was at the top of the “Ideas Portal” list. It enables an additional dimension of automated Patch, Script and Maintenance scheduling making schedules such as “every first Tuesday of the month” possible.

For more information on this feature see the KB.


New Script Editor


The new script editor enables the creation, writing and editing of scripts within Atera as opposed to the previous process that required preparing the script offline and uploading it. Once created the new script is stored in the Atera script repository and can be run or scheduled in the same way as previously uploaded scripts.
For more information on this feature see the KB.


Automated PC Name Change Support


Atera now supports auto-update of PC Name changes.
For more information on this feature see the KB.


Notification Center


The new Atera notification center allows for direct communication between Atera and you, our users.
This is an ‘at a glance’ check that Atera has something important to share with you. Subjects will include: New features, New releases, Status alerts etc.

Added Language Support


German, Portuguese and Canadian French are now supported in the customer portal.


Announcing the upcoming integration with Warranty Master™


We are excited to announce that our integration with Warranty MasterTM will be released shortly.


Fixes and Updates


Various bug fixes



An exciting release featuring important improvements to the Atera IT Automation capabilities and support for automating backend tasks.
One step closer to our vision of Atera being the only tool you need to manage your customer’s needs.


Photo credit: Brooke Lark