Scaling Your IT Business – Attract New Clients with This 3-Step Checklist

Growing a business can prove challenging for a number of different reasons. As the market shifts, customer expectations likewise change, and small business owners must be nimble enough to adapt. At Atera, we speak with hundreds of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT service owners like you, on a daily basis to ensure our products meet your needs. When we asked what the biggest pain point was for your business, the overwhelming response was:


Talking about yourselves, your services, and engaging with the right prospects.


So, what is the right approach?


How can IT service professionals like you, grow your business successfully and ensure your messages are reaching the right audience?


1. Find and understand your target audience


When your messaging is too general and you cast too wide of a net, you miss your audience. Your goal should be to “understand your tribe,” and know your target audience. The more you know about who you want to work with and what they need, the easier it will be to target them and for them to find you.


2. Create a valuable message


When prospective clients read your materials, they are asking themselves the question, “why should I care?” Your job is to answer that question, by making sure they understand why they need your services and how you can help them. This is more effective than just speaking in general terms about your services.


Here are 3 simple ways you can help educate your audience:


  • Use statistics from reputable sources to quantify their pains
  • Have a clear value proposition – what benefits will they gain?
  • Ensure you target your audience in the right places, i.e. chat forums, specific newsletters, etc.


3. Use a proven message structure


Structuring your message correctly is what makes a valuable message effective in practice. Your purpose is to attract your ideal client, so it is important to structure your message in a way that makes your clients want to work with you and chase your services.


Advertising legend Leo Burnett created a simple formula which generated hundreds of billions of dollars in sales for companies including Kelloggs, Allstate, Nestle, General Motors, Heinz, United Airlines, and hundreds more.


Think of the winning structure as your “elevator pitch” – how would you explain your business or what you do for a living in 30 seconds or less?


The winning formula looks like this:


  • Here’s what I do
  • Here’s how it helps you
  • Here’s how to get it


Your message should be benefit oriented with the focus on YOU being the biggest benefit to your target audience. How can you solve their problems before they happen?




Equipped with these tricks of the trade, you now hold the power to kickstart your business growth. Targeting your audience with the right messaging is the first step to expanding your client portfolio. To ensure you continue to provide excellent IT support as your business begins to scale, you will need an easy-to-use, all-in-one IT management platform that scales as you do.


Atera offers a comprehensive solution for MSPs and IT professionals. The platform provides: full remote monitoring and management (RMM), PSA, remote access, patch management, billing, reports, and so much more. In addition, Atera’s disruptive pricing model also helps you scale your business while providing continued best-in-class service, without breaking the bank.


To find out more about what Atera can help you do, sign up for a free 30-day trial now!

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