Start Your Year the Right Way with Atera’s Q1 Fireside Chat Recap

When we started Atera, we were a bunch of guys coming from the IT enterprise world, and we started the company with the goal to develop a product that’s easy to use, with a transparent and simple business model. We knew we wanted to listen to you, the customers, hear your needs and put them into the roadmap. Regardless of the size of your company, we’re listening. You could be 1 person, 10 people, or hundreds, but we’re listening to what you need, and we want to help you to succeed.


2019 Highlights – What a Year!


We are now serving 60 different countries, from New Zealand to The Maldives, with thousands of different customers. We are rated #1 in many different platform comparison websites, and we want to keep doing that great job for you. Throughout 2019, we have continued to benefit from our new Agile methodology, pushing out new features every three weeks. Those of you who have been with us for a while will recognize what a big change that is from our old Waterfall method, where our customers waited six months for new features. This year, we have released 91 new features, and in 2020, we will be shortening the release cycle from three weeks down to two.


Throughout 2019, we have expanded our Customer Success team to 12 people, and growing, providing 24/7 coverage. We’re excited to announce that 99% of the 21k tickets resolved this year were solved by the first Tier, contributing to our 95% Customer Satisfaction score for the third year in a row. In 2020, we want to make this 97% – so any ideas or feedback that you have to improve our support team, make sure to get in touch.


What’s Coming Next? Three Big Feature Releases for 2020


We love how quickly we can respond to market conditions and customer requests, giving us the ability to be flexible with our roadmap for the year ahead. Here is a sneak peek at our current plans.


We’re excited about our third-party integration with online backup system, Acronis. New and existing users will be able to run Acronis from within Atera, supporting our vision of helping our customers to access best-of-breed integrations. If you have any ideas for great future integrations, let us know.


Ticket Scheduler will allow our MSPs to schedule tickets ahead of time for maintenance or reminders, giving you the ability to plan ahead and streamline operations and communications. We’re putting a huge focus on PSA this year generally, so stay tuned for more updates.


The RMM Mobile App might be our most heavily anticipated feature, already running in Beta. For anyone who wants to be able to control external devices and take action with the support of notifications and alerts, you’ll soon be able to do this on both Android and iOS devices. This application will be available on the Growth and Power plans, and we also plan to supplement the app with PSA capabilities by the end of 2020. Once complete, you will be able to handle RMM and PSA from the same intuitive app, something we have invested a lot of resources and effort into, directly responding to your needs.


Our Big News for 2020: The Innovation that Grows your IT Business


Here’s the big news you’ve all been waiting for. When we decided to launch Network Discovery, it was the number one most requested feature on our ideas board. We use this board to prioritize our roadmap, and get input from our customers, so this feedback was very important. We knew the standard use cases that MSPs use Network Discovery for, monthly reporting, onboarding new clients and the like. However, the one thing that dawned on us was that Network Discovery has so much more potential than simply being a system for alerts. We saw a way for it to become a business tool that can be used to improve your business.


Our R&D team came up with a data science-based idea, that we call Network Discovery Opportunities.


Think of this tool as a new employee, whose job it is to analyse your clients, customer by customer, network by network, firewall by firewall, and prepare a list of business opportunities. This employee might ask questions such as, what needs an upgrade? What needs maintenance? What could do with some additional management? They then come to you each day with a list of actionable opportunities.


Our data science team has created this employee in the form of a Network Discovery tool, continuously identifying upsell opportunities with a clear revenue value for your business. As shown below, real-time, live, actionable opportunities will be presented to your dashboard, continuously updated to display new items or reflect market information, and with the average revenue value displayed alongside for each item. In the future, we hope to be able to offer you the option to insert your own values for calculation.


Network Discovery tool, continuously identifying upsell opportunities with a clear revenue value for your business


By analysing our customer data, we found that the average MSP has $89,960/year in opportunities being left on the table. Network Discovery Opportunities is your key to unlocking this revenue.


On top of this of course, our Network Discovery technology can be used for all the traditional use cases, automatic security scans, streamlined customer onboarding and more.


Upcoming Releases


Keep your eyes peeled for these new features, on the roadmap for 2020.


  • Installing SNMP and end-devices is already in Beta, to be followed by the one-click ease of use. Watch this space, it’s coming soon to general release.
  • Supporting work groups and Azure AS
  • Scanning multiple subnets for a customer in one scan
  • Automated workflow for onboarding new customers.


That’s all for this quarter! Thanks to those of you who made it to the webinar, and we hope to see you all next time.


You can view the recorded webinar right here