This Black Friday, once you’re done gathering surprises for your spouse, kids, neighbors, and okay — one or two things for yourself (treat yo’self!), take a moment to share the love with your IT manager, the unsung hero of the office who could do with a bit of cheer this festive period.


We’ve gathered a list of some awesome Black Friday promotions for IT departments of all shapes and sizes so that you can delight and surprise with ease, no sleeping outside the store needed.


Network Discovery on tap!


Network Discovery is one of our most popular features at Atera, giving countless benefits from quickly onboarding new customer networks for MSPs, to ensuring airtight security for corporate IT, with nothing falling through the gaps. It strengthens the ability to have comprehensive Quarterly Business Reviews, it speeds up time to value with new clients, and it gives you a continuously updating inventory of all assets across your networks and workgroups.


That’s why it’s so exciting that all new signups to Atera will be getting 3 months of Network Discovery for free, received upon purchase! No discount here, just a freebie from us to you. Happy Black Friday!


TWO free business courses of your choosing


Alex Genadinik is a top 1% Udemy instructor and an Amazon bestselling author. He’s created more than 100 courses on business and marketing, and what he doesn’t know about growing a business and making it profitable, just isn’t worth knowing. This Black Friday, if you purchase an Atera plan by November 29 you can access not one, but TWO of Alex’s business courses totally free of charge.


New year new messaging


Start off 2023 strong as Alex drops some knowledge! Take the courses yourself and show off your business prowess, or share with your colleagues, as professional development is one of the key factors that keep employees satisfied in their roles.


Slack just not doing it for you? Getting employees on board with a business-wide chat and messaging software can be an uphill battle, especially if they are used to using ad-hoc tools like WhatsApp, email, and calling maniacally across the office floor. If you’re looking to try something new, Troop Messenger is getting some attention for group calling, video conferencing, and easy sync and integration with everyday tools like Google Drive, Azure AD, and Dropbox.


This month only, get 60% off the Enterprise plan, and access Troop for just $5/user per month.


Never enough time for marketing? Think again


Give your IT manager the gift of time this Black Friday season, with AI-generated marketing copy!


There are never enough hours in the day to generate all the marketing copy you need for your business, whether you’re an MSP, or working in corporate IT. Instacopy is offering a discount on its AI-based copy creation, providing half-price annual packages to all new users. That makes the full price just $399 for the year. Generate long-form articles, banners, ads, and even Quora answers, to drive new customers in your direction. Check out the website for limited-time only deals like 50,000 words every month for your whole life, with a one-time payment of $59. If nothing else, the ideas certainly get the creative juices flowing.


Hardware deals vs. hardware duds


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also great times to get stocked up on any hardware and equipment you’ve been holding out for. But it can be hard to know whether those big red sale signs are telling you the truth! Make sure you have an understanding of any equipment’s price history before you buy, for example for items on Amazon, you can use a website like CamelCamelCamel, or use Google Shopping.


Some top hardware wins include:


Happy Black Friday to all!


If there’s any sign that the festive season is well and truly upon us, it’s a mad dash to benefit from Black Friday Cyber Monday deals! We certainly hope this roundup is a helpful addition to your holiday purchasing list. Let us know if you spot any other gems!


Interested in Atera’s free Network Discovery offer for Black Friday, but not sure how you would use Network Discovery in your own environment? Check out this article that explains all the benefits in more detail.

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