Three Sure-Fire Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Team

As with any Small Business Owner (SBO), the quality of the service that your team provides, and the level of customer satisfaction that it delivers, has a direct impact on bottom line success.  And as The One In Charge, it is your responsibility to make sure that everything possible is being done to create a satisfied client base.

But what can you do to maximize the effectiveness of your technicians so that they can provide the kind of top level performance that you and your customers expect?

Here are three sure-fire ways to make sure that your organization is providing the kind of high-level service that will set your business apart from the competition:

Trust Your People


You hired your techs for a reason.  If you couldn’t trust them to do the job, they wouldn’t be in your organization, right?  So, if you’ve held up your end of the deal by effectively communicating service standards, things ought to run pretty smoothly.  When you’ve been clear about what and when something needs to be done, you can feel comfortable about getting out of the way and letting your people accomplish the work that they’ve been hired to do.


Remember, though, that clear communication continues after a project has been completed.  It’s important to handle positive and negative news effectively.  If a customer reports a particularly positive interaction, celebrate the good news and reinforce the behavior by acknowledging it.  If, however, things don’t go as hoped, be prepared to act as an active manager and coach so that unacceptable service doesn’t happen again.


Implement Useful Systems


Install the sorts of systems that will ensure smooth running.  It’s frustrating for everyone when services are duplicated.


And wasteful.


It reflects badly on you, and is frustrating to clients when the right-hand doesn’t know what the left has done and people are falling all over themselves.  When there has been poor communication and your team doesn’t seem to know what has been done for a client, you look sloppy and disorganized.


You can avoid this embarrassment and wasted time by installing a system that is designed to simultaneously prioritize and assign service responsibilities while tracking results.  By doing this, you can get your best people on the most difficult problems while making sure that there is a way for everyone to communicate what’s already been accomplished.


Up to now, this sort of centralized control has been practically impossible to achieve, but that’s all changed.


And that leads us to tip number three:


Invest in Technology


Atera has developed a simple and inexpensive software solution that’s designed to help MSPs get the most out of their technicians.

When you use Atera’s all-in-one RMM platform, you’re using powerful software that’s designed to help you track hours. That means you’ll know exactly how much time has been spent on every service call.  And, with a built-in Customer Service Survey, you and your tech will get instant feedback on how that service was received.


In addition to helping your techs improve their efficiency, Atera helps control your office flow by automatically opening and assigning service tickets.  With Atera, you won’t need to wonder about what’s been done on a project anymore – it’s all automated and is centrally located for everyone to see.


From the initial call to the final invoice, Atera’s cloud-based platform manages every step of the service process.


And it does it seamlessly.


That’s a sure-fire way to get the most out of your team.