The continued growth of cloud-based applications has changed the way that Managed Service Providers do business.


The ease with which tasks can be accomplished and the increasing number of services that are now so widely available on the cloud has been a cause for concern among many in the IT community for a while now.


The ways of the past – Jeez!! like five whole years ago – are long gone, replaced by a leaner industry. One that has been forced to look for new ways to create revenue and guarantee the viability of the Managed Service Provider.


In a lot of ways, your clients just don’t need you to do the things that you used to do anymore. Their needs have changed and that’s forcing a change in your relationship.


For most of us, this evolving relationship can be a pretty scary thing.


But does it need to be?

Look at it this way – everything that can be remotely controlled adds layers of complexity for the user – your customer – and, if an application goes down with a minor case of the sniffles, there isn’t always someone there to jump into his service van and rush to the rescue anymore.


This is a great opportunity for you to start developing a deeper consulting relationship with your client base.


But what’s the best way to optimize this new opportunity?


Deploy. Agents.


When you use Remote Infrastructure Monitor & Management products like the ones offered by Atera, you round the corner from old school service provider to consultant.




This happens in two important ways, really.


Diagnostic ability and Speed.


When you put Atera’s agents to work for you, they constantly monitor and report about what’s going on with the system they’ve been deployed to watch over. It’s the sort of remote sensing technology that identifies anomalies before they can grow into the sort of major issues that cause headaches for technicians and conflict between the MSP and his client.


And they do it faster than you or your techs can. Atera’s agents are trained to look for patterns that frequently develop much faster than we can recognize them. What used to take you and your techs days, or maybe even weeks, to recognize can now be identified, and even acted upon, remotely and in a fraction of the time.


This adds value to your relationships and gives you the opportunity to actually enhance the level of service that you can provide without the hassle of adding staff.


By letting Atera’s agents watch over your clients’ network, you can devote more time to being the IT consultant that you want to be.


And that your customers need.


And all you need to do is deploy your digital army of ninjas to watch over the Network Kingdom.

Let Atera’s silent minion make you a hero.

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