A true story.

I should have been fired.

What was twenty year old me thinking when I took a municipal dump truck for a joy ride into the dunes above Lake Michigan?  Of course, it was really fun. And loud. So much so, I never saw, or heard, the tail gate fall off the back of the truck about half way through the hi jinx.

In fact, I didn’t realize that it was gone until I went around the back of the vehicle on my way to meeting the boss at a job site. I sauntered around the back of the truck just as he rounded the corner a block away.  When I saw the gaping void where the gate should have been, I turned on my heel and dove back into the driver’s seat, tearing out into traffic in a cloud of blue diesel fumes and rough language.  I bee-lined back to the dunes, to the scene of the stupidity, and quickly found the missing piece partially buried in the sand.

Of course I didn’t know how to reattach it to the truck bed.

In a panic, I threw the gate into the bed and, lashing it to a tie down, skulked my way slowly back to the municipal garage, cooking up an alibi that was long on hyperbole and short on specifics as I drove.

It just fell off in the middle of an intersection!  Absolutely no idea how it happened.  Scared me half to death!  So lucky that no one was following me…

Fortunately for my next university tuition bill, the boss bought the story.

Doubly fortunate for the reader, it is fairly safe to say that you’re not dealing with a version of twenty year old me on your service staff.

That’s for the best.

Most of your staff is comprised of trustworthy and professional service providers. Savvy IT experts that breath CPU temperature and eat RMM platform alerts for breakfast. They are motivated, well trained, courteous and efficient.

At least you think so.

Without hard data, though, it’s hard to know exactly how true any of those assumptions are.  Sometimes, with everything that’s going on in the daily life of a company, it can be hard to differentiate the truth from the noise.

Especially as a company begins to grow.

It’s not a new story:  a company starts to grow, employees are added and the level of service goes down.  This causes the number of customer complaints to go up.  And that endangers the bottom line.

So what do you do?  Is there a way or a tool to monitor the performance and professionalism of your techs that isn’t cumbersome?

Luckily Atera has thought about this and has created a solution to better manage your team that you’ll love.


Data to Manage Employees


By using Customer Service Surveys, Time Tracking, and Ticket Quality Measurement to actively monitor technician performance, Atera’s all-in-one solution lets the Managed Service Provider easily track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  The KPI data that is gathered through this monitoring can help the MSP know exactly who his top technicians are.  And knowing that there is a reliable system in place that will accurately and automatically track these essential KPI’s and allow you to set goals, improve performance and replace laggards, will help your team work more efficiently.

Greater efficiency and performance simultaneously makes you more profitable while helping you provide better service.

And you can be pretty certain that your techs won’t be out on a joy ride when they ought to be taking care of business.

I still can’t believe I did that.

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