Atera Announces opening US HQ in Seattle

Atera’s All-in-One IT Service Management Solution enters the US

Atera, known for offering the first completely cloud-based, Managed Service Provider software solution, is pleased to announce their first North American offices opening in Seattle.

Atera opens its North American offices in Seattle. Atera offers the first 100% cloud based, All- in-One

Software RMM solution for MSP’s. From remote monitoring software to customer satisfaction insights, Atera’s cloud based IT Management Platform for MSPs combines Technical Management (RMM), Services- and Contract Management Software (ticketing, billing etc.) and easy to use Business Intelligence in a seamlessly integrated solution. Atera brings the entire IT business together in its Cloud based MSP Practice Management Software Solution for the North American Market.

“We have been waiting with our launch in the United States till our software was perfect.” said Gil Pekelman, CEO of Atera. “Our state of the art cloud based MSP IT Management Solution is now being used by thousands of IT Service providers in Europe and Israel, and we feel it’s well positioned to satisfy the even more demanding needs of the cloud and IT Management market in the United States. It’s exciting to launch our new offices in Seattle, the cloud capitol of the world.”

Atera’s unique platform seamlessly combines Technical Management (RMM), Services and Contract Management (ticketing, billing etc.) and easy-to-use Business Intelligence (used for remote monitoring and customer satisfaction insights) on one platform. Their stylish, simple and extremely affordable user experience and ability to accelerate business growth for IT automation Service providers by helping them to process more customers at higher levels of performance. They call it their SaaS solution.