Technical Support Engineer (Romania)

  • Iasi, Romania
  • Support

Job description

The Technical Support Engineer attempts to reproduce problems in the Dev environment and tries to find the root cause using product code, design, and/or specifications. Once the root cause is identified, the necessary fixes to the issues are documented and communicated to a Knowledge Manager and all relevant stakeholders, as a future reference.

Therefore, Technical Support Engineer responsibilities include (but not limited to):

·        Providing support to customers via multiple channels; ensuring that problems are resolved, and customer expectations are met

·        Handling training/ onboarding for new engineers 

·        Participating in the new hire process for each newly hired engineer

·        Providing input to application/infrastructure scalability (to Devs/DevOps).

·        Engaging internal teams and external 3rd party vendors to troubleshoot and resolve complex problems

·        Monitoring application performance using specific monitoring tools & developing new ones

·        Working with R&D and DevOps to create RCA’s (Root Cause Analysis) and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and documenting them accordingly

·        Recording findings/missing information as it pertains to the application and working with the Knowledge Manager to create knowledge base articles; while also updating existing articles (with knowledge manager assistance)

·        Developing scripts to automate repetitive tasks and help gathers information more efficiently.

·        Involvement in code/development for a better understanding of the infrastructure & to offer suggestions where applicable.

·        Assisting in regression testing for impactful issues.

·        Assisting in testing of new integrations/features.

·        Raising Bugs after successful replication.

·        Investigating malicious attempts & taking prompt action based on findings. 

·        Intermediate knowledge of Cloud providers administration (AWS/AZURE).

·        Intermediate knowledge of the TCP/IP stack. Familiar with network services (DNS, DHCP, SMTP, SFTP, SSH, Telnet, etc.).

·        Intermediate knowledge of CMD/PowerShell and sh.

·        Intermediate knowledge of ACLs

·        Intermediate knowledge of Active Directory services

·        Intermediate knowledge of Office 365, VM’s

·        Experience supporting users in a global environment and varying time zones.

·        Creative thought with an out-of-the-box approach, willing to adapt and learn, technically oriented, and focused on results.

·        Being comfortable to work under pressure and adhering to deadlines without sacrificing quality.

·        Have the ability to communicate with teams via Slack and other collaboration tools.

·        English - Excellent written and verbal communication

·        Work in shifts (mainly 24/5, but if there is an immediate need, additional changes may occur).


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