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From remote IT monitoring & management to powerful ticketing and customer satisfaction surveying, Atera brings your entire IT business together. Less hassle, more control, and an MSP strategy that actually works.

All-in-One SaaS for MSPs​

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Atera is an IT management solution that enables monitoring, management and automation of hundreds of SMB IT networks from a single console. Atera includes remote control, patch management, discovery, inventory of IT assets, monitoring, security, backup, and more.

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Made specifically for MSPs and IT Support companies, Atera’s Professional Services Automation platform will allow you to provide better service, improve operational efficiency, and profitability. Born in the cloud, the platform fully integrates business-process automation, help desk, customer service, RMM information, and business analytics that will dramatically improve and streamline your company’s operations.

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Atera is an IT management solution that enables monitoring, management, and automation of hundreds of SMB IT networks from a single console. Atera includes a remote control, patch management, discovery, inventory of IT assets, monitoring, security, backup, and more.

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Access computers, desktops, servers, applications and files quickly and easily directly from an alert, ticket or device view, all via Splashtop’s award-winning Remote Access tool.

Best-in-class Remote Access out of the box​
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As a medium size MSP, our technicians time is extremely valuable and a lot used to be wasted in administration tasks and inefficiencies.
Thanks to Atera’s sophisticated set of PSA functions – such as ticketing, time capturing, billing and QuickBooks® integration we are able to dramatically increase our efficiency and reduce the end of month billing effort.

RG Digital, USA

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RMM Software, PSA and Remote Access that will change the way you run your MSP Business

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“I have added over $60,000 in contracts since I switched to Atera, and the support and features keep getting better.”

Chuck Stacey, 30A Nerds, USA

Three images section - With Atera's Network Discovery You Get:

Upsell Opportunities

Discover new upsell opportunities from new devices, aging servers, HDD upgrades and so much more within minutes

Customer Onboarding

Instantly get the full view of your clients’ entire network to streamline your <a href="https://www.atera.com/blog/guide-for-msps-7-best-practices-to-onboard-customers-correctly/">customer onboarding</a>

Security Scans

Boost your service offerings with automatic security scans and proactively prevent security threats

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Run your entire IT business from the palm of your hands with Atera’s all-in-one Mobile App. Resolve alerts, manage devices, contact clients, see system overviews and much more on the go to save time and increase revenue.

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RMM stands for “remote monitoring and management.” This category of software is essential for managed service providers (MSPs) & IT professionals. RMM saves you time, money and streamlines your entire IT service with an all-in-one solution.

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A comprehensive RMM solution gives you:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts management
  • IT automation and scripting
  • Patch management functions
  • Reporting and analytics

This package of functions covers all of your monitoring and management needs.

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Your users shouldn’t have to wait for something to break down before the support team spots a problem. An MSP supporting the infrastructure on a remote client site will know about potential problems so that they can fix them before they grind the client’s business to a halt.


This function consigns the panic-driven Break/Fix model to the trash can. You won’t be firefighting any more. Freeing up resources from retrospective fixes will save you money and win you more customers.

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Instant Scans/Customer Onboarding

Atera’s network discovery function will ease many of the headaches encountered while running an MSP business. Take a look at how network discovery will speed up your service and save you money.

Instant Scans/Customer Onboarding​

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Early system definition enables the MSP manager to plan an accurately-sized support team at the beginning of the service agreement period. You can interview potential new staff as soon as your sales manager moves into negotiations with a new client. Network discovery gives the MSP the ability to source the right number of seats at the right time. So, why wait until the contract is tied down to start identifying available extra technicians? Once the client signs on the dotted line, you can examine the remote system and find out exactly what you’re dealing with by running the network discovery process. When a system sweep of the new client’s site reveals it has much more equipment to support than its managers initially declared, sales managers can get onto the client contact immediately and confirm the extra capacity that the realities of the site requires. Fortunately, the flexible, technician-based pricing of Atera’s RMM and PSA system lets an agile MSP add new accounts at an at an instant. As soon as the requirements revealed by the autodiscovery sweep are confirmed by the client, the operations manager can expand the number of seats it has in the Atera system and call in that new staff. You won’t be caught short-staffed, thanks to Atera’s Network Discovery and scalable pricing.


The network discovery function of Atera creates a constantly updated inventory of all equipment attached to the network. Naturally, you will want to bill for all of the devices that your MSP has to manage. However, the network discovery tool is also a great way to spot unauthorized or out-of-scope devices attached to the client’s network. Constant network scans spot any unauthorized devices connecting to the network, enabling system managers to lock out those devices quickly. What action that should be taken on discovery of these extra devices is a matter of policy, but it will probably trigger an immediate notification to the client because they are going to need to be informed that there will be extra line items on the bill at the end of the month. This notice should be attended to immediately by the contact manager at the client’s site. An exchange over the presence of this new device will involve the decision on whether the piece of equipment was expected to be connected to the network. Although the Atera remote monitoring and management tool isn’t able to physically unplug rogue devices, it is able to highlight the presence of such equipment for the client to deal with themselves. Logs of activities and information about the duration of the connection will also be needed by the client in the4 event of a legal case.

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Webroot gives you next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence services that protect your business from any and every attack. Webroot is trusted and used by leading companies including Cisco, F5 Networks, Aruba, Palo Alto Networks and many more.


Get Powerful Cloud-Based Management

Welcome to smart and powerful Cloud-based security management that saves you money. Get full remote endpoint administration at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional and outdated antivirus solutions.

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Keep Your User Identities Safe with Privacy Shield

Protect your user information and transactional data that could be exposed during online transactions from any threats, including phishing, DNS poisoning and session hijacking by malicious software mounting man-in-the-browser or man-in–the-middle attacks.


Protect Your Devices Even when Offline

Secure your devices even when they’re not being used with Offline Protection. This brilliant feature stops attacks when an endpoint is offline with separate file execution policies applicable to local disk, USB, CD and DVD drives.


Experience Brilliant Outbound Firewall Protection

Get the most sophisticated firewall protection for users both within and outside the corporate gateway. By augmenting the Microsoft Windows® firewall, this provides full control of outbound and inbound connections without any unnecessary drain on endpoint resources.

Use Web Threat Shield for Next-Gen Security Intelligence

Safeguard your users from malicious domains with Web Threat Shield. It blocks access to known phishing sites by leveraging Webroot Threat Intelligence to access the latest security intelligence on any website.

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Business intelligence metrics that reveal how you compare to your competitors. Improve your bottom line with the Benchmark

The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool
The benchmark BI tool

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