AI in IT

Revolutionizing IT Management with OpenAI and Atera!

60 min

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In this event you’ll learn about

Atera’s auto-pilot and its autonomous interactions with your end users:

  • Self-service options in the customer/Helpdesk portal
  • An AI “technician” taking care of ticket support and resolution
  • Full transparency into user activity with AI-generated ticket summaries

Atera’s co-pilot and its ability to supercharge your technicians:
  • AI-suggested solutions for both simple and complex issues
  • AI-generated responses
  • AI-generated scripts

Want to start leveraging Atera’s AI capabilities in your day-to-day but not sure where to start?
This webinar will walk you through Atera’s AI-powered features and tools, and show you how they can be used to maximize your efficiency and increase productivity in no time.

Featured next-gen speakers:

Jason Eliason
Jason Eliason
Customer Success Manager

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