AI in IT
Thought leadership

Conquering a new reality: A CTO’s Perspective on AI in IT

50 min

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In this event you’ll learn about

  • The current state of AI and expectations for the future
  •  Atera’s AI capabilities and upcoming features
  •  Benefits, best practices, and tips and tricks
  • Plus, a live Q&A

Almost overnight, AI has become the ultimate buzzword. Some are embracing everything this technology has to offer wholeheartedly, while others are advocating caution. But have no doubt: no matter the industry, every CEO is currently formulating a plan to incorporate AI into their operations. As the only AI-powered IT solution on the market, Atera is spearheading the charge for IT.

Come Join Atera’s CTO & co-founder Oshri Moyal and our product expert Jason Eliason as they dive into how AI-powered IT is revolutionizing the industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn how AI can help you and your team boost your efficiency by as much as 10X!

Featured next-gen speakers:

Jason Eliason
Jason Eliason
Customer Success Manager
Oshri Moyal
Oshri Moyal
Chief Technology Officer

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