Remote Monitoring and Management Software that is Easy & Beautiful. Seriously!

Atera offers complete visibility and control for hundreds of networks from any device with built-in remote monitoring software that allows you to provide instant, first-class IT support to your customers no matter where you are.

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What Exactly is an RMM?

IT services use Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) platforms to streamline and automate their work and business. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) & IT Professionals leverage RMM to increase the value of their service, cut costs and run a completely remote (virtual) service.

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RMM Software, PSA and Remote Access that will change the way you run your MSP Business

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Bitdefender Protects Your Customers, Period

Protect your clients with Bitdefender, the advanced cybersecurity platform trusted by over 500 million people. Prevent, detect, and resolve any and every cyberattack with Bitdefender’s GravityZone Cloud integration today.

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I really like Atera – It’s great for startups and new MSPs, we use it for a 360 view of our business; Alerts, Tickets, Billing, Reports and Remote Access. The pricing model is also very good – so you can control costs and growth. The combination of monitoring and professional services automation in one system without the hassle of integration is very powerful

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