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GDPR Awareness Notice

In 2016, the European Union (EU) approved a new privacy regulation called the General Data Protection Regulation. More commonly known as the “GDPR”, it will come into force on May 25, 2018.

As a company that has always taken privacy very seriously, nothing is more important to us than the success of our customers and the protection of their personal data in the GDPR era. With customers in nearly every country in the world, Atera is taking actions to prepare for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is due to take effect on May 25, 2018.

What the GDPR Means  

The GDPR expands the privacy rights granted to European individuals and requires certain companies that process the personal data of European individuals to comply with a new set of regulations.

The GDPR is a mandatory ruling that applies to all companies that collect the data and information of EU individuals and meet certain territorial requirements. In particular, the GDPR may apply to companies that process the personal data of European individuals and have a presence in the EU (e.g. offices or establishments) and to companies that do not have any presence in the EU but target the European market (e.g. by offering goods or services to the European market) or monitor the behavior of European individuals.

We’re here to help our customers in their efforts to comply with the GDPR.


What is Atera’s take on the GDPR?

We welcome the positive changes the GDPR brings, such as the increased harmonization and the “privacy by design and privacy by default” approach. Our view is that the GDPR is not only an obligation but also an opportunity to build privacy-friendly products while increasing customer trust.


How is Atera Preparing for the GDPR?

  • We retained outside counsel to help us understand the GDPR and prepare a GDPR compliance plan and we are closely analyzing the requirements of the GDPR.
  • We are approaching the process of planning our GDPR compliance strategy with our engineering, product, security and legal teams, to implement the necessary procedures and practices
  • We are working to map Atera’s data collection and determine how the GDPR will affect our data collection, retention and use, in connection with offering our products and services to customers.
  • Members of our senior management have been personally involved in the supervision of implementing our preparations for the GDPR.


Does the GDPR prevent a company from storing data outside of the EU?

Nothing in the GDPR prevents businesses from storing data outside of the EU, provided that the data processors adhere to the necessary regulations and protections.


Where can I learn more about GDPR?

Additional information is available on the European Commission’s website here (http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/reform/index_en.htm).


I have more questions. Who should I contact?

If you have any additional questions about the GDPR you are welcome to contact us at: info@atera.com

Disclaimer: The information in this document may not be construed or used as legal advice about the content, interpretation or application of any law, regulation or regulatory guideline. Customers and prospective customers must seek their own legal counsel to understand the applicability of any law or regulation on their processing of personal data.