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10X efficiency for IT teams, powered by AI

Enable efficiency at scale with Atera's AI-powered IT management platform, connecting Helpdesk and Ticketing with Remote Monitoring & Management.

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IT departments and MSPs around the world have reached the next level of IT.

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Everything you need to get to where you want to be.

to the next level of IT

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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get complete visibility of your customer networks from any device, anywhere.

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Helpdesk, Billing and Reporting (PSA)

Streamline day-to-day business operations to deliver the best customer service.

Helpdesk, Billing and Reporting (PSA)

AI-powered IT

Unleash the limitless possibilities of AI through Atera's comprehensive platform that spans from ticket initiation to resolution.

AI-powered IT


Automate patches for Windows, Mac, and other OS on your end users' devices.

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Remote Access

Support any device anywhere, anytime, with the most secure remote access tools.

Remote Access

Network Discovery

Get a complete view of your clients IT networks with a comprehensive inventory.

Network Discovery

[ESC] mundane tasks,
automate your future

RMM Software, PSA, and Remote Access that will change the way you run your IT.

Dave, we’re Always here to save you the big bucks.

"Atera has saved our organization money. We look at Atera as an extra employee that we only pay about $300 a month. This is incredible savings over having to hire somebody to do all the tasks that Atera performs for us."

Dave Long, Director of Development at Cage Data.

Kimberly, Atera is the imaginary IT friend you never knew you needed.

"Atera’s all-in-one RMM software is very easy to use, not just for me, but even for people who have claimed, "I'm not very good at IT." Once you have it installed and you have it set up, it pretty much works by itself."

Kimberly Bassett, Chief Technology Officer at Jetty IT Solutions.

Money talks, Chris. Money talks.

"Starting a new MSP isn't easy. There are so many choices for RMM solutions but Atera stuck out because of its pricing model. I started a trial and immediately started onboarding my clients."

Chris D, President/CEO of “Intelligent IT”.

Martin, always go big OR go home.

"Atera’s RMM and PSA allows more and better service to existing customers, the ability to expand my customer base and not compromise on level of service at a price that is affordable."

Martin M, MSP.

It's easy, Thomas. Easy like Sunday mornings.

"Monitoring networks and IT projects is easy and its all SaaS-based. Atera has a powerful design with powerful tools that can monitor multiple servers and it has one of the best IT automations."

Thomas C, Information Technology Assistant.

Make it rain, Donald. Make it rain.

"If you have 1000 endpoints that you manage you would spend anywhere from $600 to $1000 per month for other Remote Monitoring and Management tools. It is only $99/user with Atera. On the low side that is an annual savings of $6K."

Donald H, President/CTO of “My IT Company”.

That's the ticket, Paul!

"The sign up process for the Atera RMM platform was super simple and you can start using it out of the box on day one. Just deploy the agent and go."

Paul Y, Information Services Manager.

Your secret arsenal of tools — Automations.

Work Smarter,
not harder.

You don’t have the time or money to waste on unrewarding, repetitive tasks. Period. Automate (almost) any task across Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices with flexible and customizable thresholds, along with our extensive, comprehensive and free script library. Disruptive IT automations put you back in the driver’s seat as an IT professional.


One small step for man,
one giant leap for IT professionals.

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