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All-in-One RMM Software

  • RMM Software With a Completely Different Pricing Model
  • Atera is SaaS Designed for Small & Medium MSPs
  • RMM, PSA & Remote Access All-In-One

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All-In-One RMM + PSA
Pay Per Tech, Unlimited Devices
Easy To Use
No Training Needed
Quality of Support
Predictable Pricing

What our AWESOME clients say about us

Kenneth Holley - Atera's client testimonials
Kenneth Holley
Information System Integration, US
As an MSP for the past 23 years, we've used and evaluated more RMM solutions and tools that can be remembered. Atera is a game changer for the bottom line. We are sold on Atera's software and you should be as well.
Scott Kuhn - Atera user - best rmm for msp
Scott Kuhn
IT Service Works, US
Atera's RMM tool came in as I wanted to grow my business, but not wanting to increase my costs dramatically. I was impressed with the software, the road-map for features, and perhaps more importantly, the people behind it. Atera's remote monitoring solution is the right choice.
Travis Mayo - Atera (rmm solution for msp) testimonials
Travis Mayo
Nano Geek, US
Atera's solutions for IT professionals made Customer management super simple. I seem to open Atera every day, because I find it to actually help me keep an eye on my client's systems, like it should.

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Features wave - Atera best RMM solution features

Packed with all the tools an
MSP business needs

Real Time Alerts

RAM usage, hard drive, CPU load, AV, customized event viewer alerts plus much more.

Patch Management

Identify and automate software update patches, ensuring your customers’ networks are always up to date.

Custom Scripting

Script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. Further automate your IT management.

IT Automation

Pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks which can be applied to servers and workstations.

Remote Access

Attended and Unattended integrated remote support.

Billing and Invoicing

Capture every instance of support given and easily bill with QuickBooks®, Xero and Freshbooks integration.

Contracts & SLA

Manage a wide variety of services with a high degree of flexibility and never miss SLAs.

Service Desk

Streamline your support and run an efficient IT service business.

Mobile App

You and your technicians can log work done, and monitor your customer networks anytime, anywhere.

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G2 Crowd
If you are just starting out or been in business awhile, you can't go wrong with Atera. The cost is incredibly low, especially when you consider all you get. The setup and customization is simple and easy and the support is top notch.
Finances Online
Atera provides me ability to respond to my customers in minutes rather than hours. It's eased a lot of the repetitive nature of my job thru automation, and allows me access to multiple sites within minutes.
Atera is easy to install, the remote access, reporting, and patch management superior and their customer support is hands down the best I have experience across any application. Atera is the first app I load in the morning and the last I shut down at night.
I only wish we would have found Atera sooner because we would have saved so much time and money. It is clear that Atera was built from the ground up, by people who understand what it's like to run an MSP.

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