Atera’s Mac RMM Agent for Mac Remote Monitoring and Management

Atera’s Mac RMM agent provides full coverage for the Mac environment. The agent is the only piece of software that needs to be installed on the monitored system. Find out how the Atera agent operates on Macs.

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Mac Management and Monitoring​

Mac Performance Monitoring

Atera includes host performance monitoring, which allows the MSP team to set system activity thresholds. These levels will trigger alert notifications when crossed. Forewarned of a problem, the system management team has enough time to respond and head off performance impairment or system failure. System alerts appear in the Atera console and can be directed to key team members by email, collaboration platform messages, or SMS.


Mac Performance Monitoring

Remote Connections

Full remote access is an essential requirement for all managed service providers. Without the Mac agent, your MSP would not be able to pitch for contracts with all of the businesses in the world. Many RMM systems just focus on serving Windows and Linux servers and endpoints. The use of Macs is particularly prevalent in the design and entertainment sectors – businesses that you don’t want to overlook when prospecting for clients.

Mac Remote Connections

Patch Management

Managing a software inventory for a client requires the reconciliation of licenses and installed instances. The remote access and process automation features enable the automated onboarding of new Macs and new users. Software can be installed automatically per device or in bulk. Versions can be updated automatically and services and operating systems can be patched remotely thanks to the Mac agent.


Mac Patch Management

User Support Access

The Mac agent enables IT support technicians working for the MSP to access the Macs on a client site in order to explore and fix problems. These actions are usually triggered either by a technical gap highlighted by a manager in the client company or by a support call to the help desk from an individual user. Technicians gain direct access to the operating system or interactive use of the Mac through a screen mirroring utility.

User Support Access​

Inventory and User Activity Logging

Clients that need to prove compliance to a data security standard must have all actions on their entire system logged and that includes all of their Macs. Not only do the user actions need to be recorded, but also maintenance actions that are carried out automatically by the RMM and access events facilitated by the RMM. Event logs from a Mac are gathered by the Atera Mac agent and centralized in a cloud-based archive.


Inventory and User Activity Logging​

Full Monitoring and Management for Macs

The Atera Mac agent enables your MSP to fully monitor and manage all of the desktop devices in a client’s offices. Atera is an all-in-one system monitoring and management solution for MSPs that also includes the business administration modules of professional services automation. Atera’s cloud-based service for MSPs is charged for by subscription and fully managed by Atera technicians. This complete support solution for MSPs is fully set up and available within minutes of creating an account with the service.

Full Monitoring and Management for Macs

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