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With Atera's Network Discovery You Get:

Upsell Opportunities​

Discover new upselling opportunities from new discovered devices, aging servers, HDD upgrades and more!​


Customer Onboarding​

Instantly get the full view of your clients’ entire networks to streamline your customer onboarding.​


Absolute Security

Discover unmanaged and unauthorized devices on your clients' network maps.

What is Network Discovery?

Atera’s Network Discovery automatically monitors your networks, identifies and lists every asset and component of an IT environment, and uncovers upselling opportunities that you can take directly to your customers.

Network Discovery software is great for initial onboarding. It’ll continually scan to make sure that your network inventory is accurate and up to date.

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Network Discovery for Active Directory

Atera’s Network Discovery works with Windows Active Directory Domain Services, which stores information about devices and users on a specific domain. It also verifies credentials, monitors devices, and defines granular access permissions.

ND Active directory

Network Discovery for Workgroups

Discover all of your network devices with Network Discovery for Workgroups! Get full visibility into assets and devices across a Local Area Network (LAN), with a breakdown of the entire workgroup. Breakdowns include connected devices, OS versions, workstations, servers and SNMP devices.

ND For workgroups

Instant Scans

Scan your clients’ networks in minutes to discover all end devices and SNMPs. Evaluate the associated workload instantly, onboard more clients, and scale your business.

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Upselling Opportunities

Research shows that the average MSP has $89,000 a year in missed upselling Opportunities. Don’t be one of those statistics!

Automatically discover new devices, outdated disks, and outdated OS for fast, irresistible upsells.

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Absolute Security

Discover unmanaged and unauthorized devices on your client network to secure them all.

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Enable WinRM for WMI monitoring

Getting new devices monitored in scans has never been easier!

You can automatically enable WinRM for WMI monitoring in DC scans, for effortless agent installation.

Plus, you can add SNMP templates for customized SNMP device monitoring.

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Third-Party Integrations

Get everything you need to protect all your clients’ devices with Atera’s third-party integrations.

Our variety of integrations include Webroot, Bitdefender, Acronis, Splashtop, TeamViewer, ScreenConnect, AnyDesk, and more!

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Automatic Alerts

Set up alerts on Network Discovery scans to stay informed of newly-detected, unmonitored workstations/servers and SNMP devices. Also be informed of scanning agents that have gone offline or whose IP address has changed.

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Network Discovery Alerts

Detailed Reports

The Reports section displays a number of useful graphs so you can see network information at-a-glance.

The Reports section includes: device types, workstation, OS platform, OS aging, storage, and more!

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