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Have you considered how Atera’s Network Discovery can be a powerful security feature for your IT environment? Find unauthorized devices, prevent overload on the network, and onboard clients faster.

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When you’re running an IT environment, security always needs to be at the forefront of every decision that you make. As networks have become increasingly complex, and employees continue to work remotely and from multiple devices, this is more important than ever before. A multi-layered security stack is a must-have for today’s network security, and one of the weapons inside this arsenal is Network Discovery. Here are four benefits of the network discovery tool included with the Atera remote monitoring and management service, and how it can enhance your IT capabilities.

Spot unauthorized devices

The network discovery function of Atera creates a constantly updated inventory of all the equipment connected to the network. This has multiple benefits. It allows you to create an inventory of all the devices that you’re managing, whether that’s to bill as an MSP, or to avoid blind spots as an IT admin. It also offers you a simple, automatic way to spot unauthorized or out-of-scope devices that are attached to the network.

These constant network scans spot any unauthorized devices connecting to the network, enabling system managers to take quick action and lock out those devices quickly. You can choose what happens when a new device connects, sending alerts to the relevant personnel, alerting clients or team leads, and keeping track of the necessary logs to track activities such as how long the connection has been established for, or more information about the device.

Onboard new devices quickly

Another benefit of Network Discovery is the ability to get new clients or departments under your monitoring schedule and process as quickly as possible. After all, unmonitored devices present a risk to the system. They might have end of life operating systems, outdated firmware or software or other unpatched exploits and therefore be putting your entire environment at risk. As today’s infrastructure is increasingly interconnected, and the majority of traffic runs East-West, inside the data center itself, it only takes a single weak link to bring down the whole network.

Getting all new equipment updated and logged in the Atera patch management system as quickly as possible is vitally important for system security. Rapid logging of newly attached devices through the automated network discovery tool gets that equipment subscribed in the patch management program immediately.

Prevent system overloads

While we might all want to believe that our networks are perfectly balanced and maintained without a hitch, the truth is that infrastructure can add up quickly, and especially in a hybrid ecosystem, get complex – fast. A network discovery tool will make sure that everything under your roof is always documented, including virtual networks, cloud servers, wireless networks, and any devices or endpoints. This will help with capacity planning and infrastructure updates, allowing you to set intelligent backups or traffic routing to avoid outages or system failures.

Support incident investigation

The network discovery tool also creates a log of precisely what equipment is attached to the network at any one time. That means that if there is a problem to troubleshoot, it provides data on anything unusual that happened during the timeframe specified. You’ll be able to see what changes occurred against a baseline, and forward these reports for incident response or forensic investigation where necessary. The system documentation provided by the network discovery system of Atera will become part of the project documentation if for any reason the hunt for a rogue device and its actions becomes a security issue.


Atera’s network discovery for security

The simple truth is that unmanaged and unsecured devices are a security risk. A network discovery tool like the one included in Atera’s RMM is a simple, automated way to ensure you know exactly what devices and SNMPs are connected to your network at all times, providing additional peace of mind that you are protected against an unknown threat.

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