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Atera’s Patch Management Software gives you full control over all your patches from one centralized location. Save time by automating patches for OS, software, and hardware and use robust reporting to stay on top of every agent, ensuring airtight security and control.

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What is Patch Management?

Every vendor regularly releases updates for their operating system or software including bug fixes, security updates, and improvements. As an MSP or IT professional, it is important to manage these updates to make sure they are all installed and up to date and to control when they happen to avoid any disruptions to business continuity!

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Powerful IT Automation

Why spend time on manual patches when you can automate them ahead of time? With Atera’s IT Automation, it’s super easy. You can plan tasks for servers and workstations (like installing Java or Adobe updates) that handle crucial driver updates, and you can configure your preferences when it comes to Microsoft updates with unique IT automation profiles for each customer.


Setting and automating software patch management for both Mac and Windows can also be automated, via our integrations with Chocolatey for Windows and Homebrew for Mac devices. Both options come with a comprehensive list of patches for common software products, from Chrome and Zoom, to Skype, Dropbox and Java. Add these to your IT automation profiles, create software bundles to install or update at scale for each customer, and even exclude certain software patches as necessary.


All in all, Atera’s Automated Patch Management and IT profile functionality empowers you to manage your service more efficiently, eliminating manual and repetitive tasks, and freeing up time to add value elsewhere.


Patch Management

Three Comprehensive Reports

Get powerful reporting to be on top of all your patches at all times, and relay this to your customers during your Quarterly Business Reviews, or whenever you need. Use Atera’s comprehensive reporting to have a continuous birds-eye-view of your IT management.

Patch Search and Deploy: Generate reports based on Microsoft KBs that search for patches based on customer, knowledgebase, description, or agent type, and then install missing patches with a single click, directly from the report. read more

Patch Status Summary: Get a full overview of your patch management. This includes all the agents that are up to date and those that need updating, any existing vulnerabilities displayed per agent, and a full list of missing patches, including how many agents this missing patch impacts overall. read more

Patch and Automation Feedback: It’s a fact of life that not all patches work all the time. But as a busy MSP, you don’t have time to check every patch you make. Get feedback on the automations that didn’t work, so that you can manually make sure that all machines are up to date, or make secure changes to your settings or permissions ahead of the next patching schedule. read more


Control all Patches from a Single Location

Atera’s Patch Management lets you control all your patches from one powerful, centralized location. Don’t forget to schedule automation ahead of time, to make sure it works for each customer.

Functionality includes:

  • Run Windows Update: All / Critical / Security / Service Pack
  • Install Microsoft Office Updates
  • Install Driver Updates (Hardware)
  • Install Java updates
  • Install Adobe updates
  • Software updates
  • Reboot If Needed
  • Exclude Patches

Patch Management via our Comprehensive Script Library

Atera’s Shared Script Library is driven by our amazing MSP community, and has hundreds of scripts that can be cloned and automatically added to IT automation profiles. Scripts are all QA’d by the Atera team, and can then be customized and modified to suit your exact business needs, and streamline your IT and patch management processes.

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Third-party Patch Management

Third party patching or third party patch management is the way that an IT professional updates and manages applications that come from any third-party vendor or supplier. An increasing amount of today’s businesses are handed by external providers, and these digital applications and technologies need to be kept up to date, bug-free, and in tip-top security shape. Staying on top of vendor schedules for patching, and ensuring all endpoints are patched and secured can be a huge task, one which automation can make a whole lot simpler.

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