Shared Script Library: The Easiest Way to Automate Your IT Service

Get ready-made-scripts that automate your manual tasks. Written by Atera and your fellow Atera users, the Shared Script Library streamlines your IT support processes like magic.

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Why Scripts?

Scripts free up your time like nothing else. Scripts are short and simple commands that automate processes and fix problems. If there are routine tasks you perform, there are scripts that can automate those actions to ease your workflow.

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The Power of Shared Scripts

Because sharing is caring. All our included library scripts have been tried and tested, so you can rest assured they’re safe and efficient. Streamline your workflow, automate your mundane tasks, and optimize your time in one place.

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Complete Flexibility & Control

Anyone can create scripts in the Atera community. Scripts can be used by themselves or through automations for a fully streamlined process. They can also be cloned or revised, giving you total flexibility and customization.


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