An IT department can utilize IT asset discovery in various ways to manage infrastructure effectively and optimize operations

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IT asset discovery involves the scanning, identification, and mapping of devices across a company's network using either active or passive techniques to gather detailed information such as IP address, manufacturer,…

IT ticketing systems help organizations quickly organize and resolve open tickets. Here's how to choose the right IT ticketing system for your needs!

The IT MO is typically responsible for setting the overall IT strategy, managing IT projects, and ensuring proper use of IT resources.

While a quick Google search can decode the average text message acronym, these abbreviations in the world of IT can be a little more complex. But don’t worry — as…

In this article, we'll dive deeper into both topics, explaining what they are, when they should be used, and their key similarities and differences.

In this article, we’ll cover the many ways that ChatGPT can revolutionize your current scripting processes, saving you time and resources along the way.

Apart from the clear benefits of RMM, this tool can also help a business save costs, collect essential data, and create detailed analytical reports.

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Some things are worth doing yourself, and others are not – like manual IT ticketing. IT ticketing systems are doing everything that you can do manually, automatically.

Advanced reporting capabilities have landed at Atera, giving you the opportunity to get added insight from your data and really showcase your value.

Get increasingly granular about monitoring your IT environments with custom assets and custom fields, now available in the Atera platform!