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Atera's leadership unveiled the technological breakthroughs achieved by the fusion of Atera and Microsoft OpenAI, signaling a new era in IT management.

Atera's AI-powered IT was tested in a hands-on workshop, which was led by Atera's own CTO and co-founder, Oshri Moyal.

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Get ready for an engaging live Q&A session with Atera's founders, CEO Gil Pekelman and CTO Oshri Moyal. Gain insights and answers directly from our founders.

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Periodically, disruptive technologies emerge, reshaping the labor market. Artificial intelligence, with its projected economic influence and diverse capabilities, stands out as a potential game-changer.

At our recent AI-powered IT virtual event, Atera's co-founders sat down and answered some great questions about AI-powered IT (AIT).

No industry will be left unchanged, ours included. This transformation creates an unprecedented opportunity to make Atera’s vision a reality: AI-powered IT (AIT).