Perfect Software Installation

Software installation no longer has to be complex and repetitive. Atera gives you a complete solution with our integrated APIs of Chocolatey and Homebrew for automated and remote deployment that’s so easy you’ll wish you found this sooner.

Our Solution
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Simplify Your Work with Automations

IT Service providers and MSPs end up wasting hours with manually software installations. Simplify your work with automations that manages your software for you. Learn more about Atera’s comprehensive solutions below.


Our Powerful Chocolatey API

Remote software installation is easier with Chocolatey. Chocolatey gives you an efficient, complete and absolutely secure installation within a few clicks. You can finally stop manual deployments, searches or multi-part downloads thanks to this genius solution. We’ve upgraded the ‘Exclude Software Patches’ feature in automation profiles for  ease of use. Learn more about Chocolatey here.


Let Homebrew Do it For You

Looking for Apple or Linux software and programs you need? Stop with the manual searches and installations and let Homebrew do the hard work for you. Homebrew installs the Apple and Linux programs you need in just a few commands. We’ve also added the ‘Exclude Software Patches’ feature in automation profiles for better functionality!


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