Automate your future light years faster with Open AI integrated into Atera

  • Watch scripts write themselves

    Add prompts and let AI generate the perfect scripts to address your needs. Discover new capabilities and save precious time, every day.

  • Build team confidence & multiply IT effort

    Empower IT talent with the force of AI, drive team efficiency and let IT pros solve bigger problems.

  • Move to the forefront of innovation

    AI will revolutionize everything we do in ways we can’t fully grasp yet. Get a head start by introducing AI to your workflows, from the obvious to the inconceivable.

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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get complete visibility of your customer networks from any device, anywhere.


Patch Management

Automate patches for Windows, Mac and other OS on your end users' devices.



Simplify your tasks and communication with an intuitive automated ticketing system.



Streamline day-to-day business operations to deliver the best customer service.



Monitor unlimited devices. Fixed price and no hidden fees


Network Discovery

Always-updating Network Discovery provides complete security scans of all your networks.

Built for IT professionals, trusted by experts

  • Monitor unlimited devices
  • Pay-per-tech
  • Fully transparent
  • 5-minute onboarding
  • 30-day free trial

Beta version for limited use. Terms apply.