Atera & Webroot Joint Webinar Recording

We recently completed our integration of Webroot Security into the Atera platform bringing you a whole host of new RMM, PSA and Endpoint security features, so we decided to run a Webinar session to give you an overview of all the great new features…


Malware alerts, easy deployment across a customer’s network, and one click endpoint installation are just some of the enhanced features now available to all Atera customers.


The webinar was co-presented by Liron, Atera’s Director of Customer Success, who was joined by Will, one of Webroot’s Channel Managers. Together, they provide some unique perspectives from both sides of the table, focusing on how the integration benefits Atera customers.


If you didn’t get a chance to attend, you now have the opportunity to view the recorded Webinar. Perfect timing to catch up on our latest release.


Here’s what we managed to cover in just an hour!


Atera and Webroot Overview:

  • Activation and Installation
  • Webroot within Atera console
  • Alert > Ticket > Resolution
  • Reporting

Webroot overview:

  • Quick intro to Webroot
  • Quick demo of Webroot management and portal for MSP
  • Best Practices for protecting against ransomware

Then, a Question & Answer session

Her you can see the full video:



Photo Credit: Lee  Campbell, Unsplash