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All-in-one solution for IT Departments

All-in-one solution for IT Departments

Increase efficiency, provide better service to your users, and instantly make your team’s work-life easier, with Atera’s all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management, Helpdesk and Reporting platform.

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Free your team from IT limitations

Atera AI

Eliminate Tier-1 support with Autopilot and enable instant response for every issue. Upskill junior technicians while freeing your senior talent to focus on strategic initiatives. Cut ticket SLAs by nearly 100%, unlocking new standards of organizational efficiency.

Patch Management

Win back hundreds of hours by managing and automating Windows, Mac, and Linux software patches across your end-user devices. Gain full control over your IT environment and ensure cybersecurity best practices.

Helpdesk & Ticketing

Intuitive and easy-to-use, our helpdesk and ticketing system enables your team to respond to issues fast and improve your ticketing processes with powerful automations, AI, and advanced collaboration features.


A complex IT department such as yours calls for comprehensive built-in security that adheres to industry standards such as MFA, and smart logging and reporting. Tightly integrate your IT software with best-of-breed partners for antivirus, backups, email security, and more.

Remote Access

Our out-of-the-box remote access technology enables you to manage your end-user devices anywhere, anytime. Start sessions instantly and easily with AnyDesk, Splashtop, TeamViewer, or ScreenConnect.

Network Discovery

Continuous network and security scans to stay on top of complex environments in real-time, ensuring total visibility of all the digital assets and open ports within your networks.

Built for IT Departments

Our solution for IT departments caters to the specific needs of each stakeholder, while keeping admins at the center.

    IT Technician

    You’re looking for the ultimate tool that’ll tackle the endless tickets and actions that greet you first thing each morning.

    IT Department Manager

    Seeking top efficiency, agility, and control? You need a tool that’ll scale to match your goals while keeping your team aligned and bottleneck-free.

    IT Department Director

    Driven by higher-level numbers, from open alerts to resolved tickets? You need a tool that’ll help you at the big picture level. 

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