Top Scripts

Discover Atera’s most popular community-driven scripts and bring powerful, intelligent automation to your everyday workflow. From removing bloatware apps, clearing event logs, or updating your OS, Atera’s community of trailblazing MSPs and IT Professionals have you covered!

Enables Bitlocker on C drive and then backup for devices joined to Azure Active Directoryor any other Active Directory

This script provides a fast and simple way to check whether BitLocker encryption is enabled on your Windows devices.

Luckily, as an IT professional, you know there's a solution: temporarily disabling UAC.

Introducing an Outlook storage extension script that solves the problem of limited inbox storage.

This PowerShell script downloads and installs the Microsoft Teams MSI installer based on the architecture of the computer

Effortlessly perform device restarts and notify end users with this customizable script from the Atera Shared Script library. Try it now!

Run this useful script to update your Splashtop display name and align with local changes made to a computer!

Enable wake-on-LAN

This script enables you to remotely turn on or wake up a computer from another device on your local area network.

Use this script to prevent the installation of Windows 11 on your end-user devices and protect your privacy

Run this script to clear up storage space and improve overall device performance by removing temporary files from your C: drive.

Need to create a local administrator account? Mayhaps you need to install or configure software, troubleshoot issues on a local machine, bypass restrictions, or perform maintenance tasks… Whatever your needs,…


Run this script utilizing Speedtest CLI by Ookla to evaluate internet connection performance metrics on your end user devices.