Wake-on-LAN lets you turn on and/or wake up computers via another device on the local area network. The computer will wake when triggered by a special LAN/WLAN signal. 


Possible values for the WakeOnLAN attribute modified in this script:

  • LANOnly: Allow the computer to be turned on by special LAN signals.
  • Disabled: Do not allow the computer to turn on by special LAN signals when it receives a wake-up signal from the LAN/WLAN.
  • LanWithPXEBoot: Allow the computer to be turned on by special WLAN signals and immediately boot to PXE.


To make BIOS configuration easily manageable through the Windows PowerShell interface, this script will install the DellBIOSProvider module, which can be used with both Windows 10 and 11. 


The script will then check whether the computer supports wake-on-LAN by testing the path

<p style=”overflow-wrap: break-word;”>{dellsmbios:\PowerManagement\WakeOnLan}</p>

. If the computer supports wake-on-LAN, it will set its value to LANOnly, allowing the computer to be turned by LAN signals. Otherwise, it will return the message, “Computer does not support WakeOnLAN”.


To disable wake-on-LAN, replace:

{Set-Item -Path dellsmbios:\PowerManagement\WakeOnLan LANOnly}


{Set-Item -Path dellsmbios:\PowerManagement\WakeOnLan Disabled}


To use LanWithPXEBoot, replace

{Set-Item -Path dellsmbios:\PowerManagement\WakeOnLan LANOnly}


{Set-Item -Path dellsmbios:\PowerManagement\WakeOnLan LanWithPXEBoot}