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From Managed Service Providers to Internal I.T. teams

See how companies are leveraging Atera to enhance their services and boost productivity.

Trapp Technology achieves exponential growth through Atera partnership

Atera is instrumental in allowing Trapp Technology to deliver world-class IT solutions to over 2500 clients and efficiently support more than 140,000 endpoints. With Atera as their solution for IT infrastructure management, they got an enterprise-grade tool that technicians could use with consistency and accuracy.

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Revolutionizing IT and digitization in the Nordics with Atera

Before adopting Atera, Nordlo relied on a competitor for its IT management needs. However, the outdated GUI, lack of innovation, and high implementation costs left much to be desired. Atera emerged as a game-changing solution after a thorough analysis of the market, offering a fresh and innovative approach to IT management.

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ITernative: Building the best shared IT department with Atera

ITernative came to Atera seeking a help desk solution but found a true all-in-one platform. Now ITernative is well on its way to building the best shared IT department, combining the strengths of an MSP and a local IT department into a seamless operation.

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Innovate IT embraces Atera's AI capabilities to enhance customer support

Atera's AI capabilities have transformed the IT experience for Innovate IT. Prior to integrating Atera's AI suggested solutions, they were dealing with an average of 80 tickets daily. However, since implementing Atera, they now efficiently handle 35-40 tickets with ease.

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Empowering post-acute care with Atera: AlixaRx's journey to streamlined IT management

AlixaRx is a leading institutional pharmacy provider specializing in serving Post-Acute Care facilities across the United States. Atera's impact was transformative, enabling them to resolve employee tickets faster, optimize their workforce, & improve device monitoring.

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Elevating IT Support: CHT Info's transformational partnership with Atera

Since integrating the Atera platform into their operation, CHT Info have achieved 200% growth in the last 2 years. Operating costs have been slashed by 50%, response times remain consistently impressive. raising the quality and security of the services they offer.

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Jones Plastic fast-tracks to scalability & agility with Atera

With a nationwide sales force, Jones Plastic and Engineering required a reliable and efficient IT management solution that could promptly address their employee IT needs , drop their response times, and keep them proactive. Atera was the ideal choice.

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Breaking barriers and redefining IT: NexGen X builds success with Atera

Atera has proven to be an invaluable tool for NexGen X, allowing them to provide exceptional IT services to their clients while maintaining a streamlined and scalable operation. With the support of Atera, NexGen X is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the IT industry.

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Atera streamlines everyday IT operations for Fuse Technology Group

Atera's automation features have made a significant impact on Fuse Technology Group. Manual tasks such as running server updates and monitoring hard drives consumed their staff's time. Today, they rely on Atera to automate mundane tasks, and drive growth.

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From chaos to cohesion: How Atera empowers IT at Phoenix Management Solutions

Atera is now a cornerstone of Phoenix Management Solutions' IT and cybersecurity blueprint, facilitating a shift from a reactive to a proactive IT approach. By choosing Atera, Phoenix Management Solutions transformed their IT operations, improving efficiency, productivity, and security.

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MadPC selects Atera to boost productivity and deliver top-notch IT support

With four geographical sites and a complex IT architecture, including 650 workstations for 1500 users, Atera helps MadPC effectively handle all equipment maintenance tasks for the Vincent de Paul Campus among other clients, leaving them ample time to strategize.

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Atera empowers Lekker Foods to keep remote employees connected and productive

Lekker Foods witnessed 35% reduction in support tickets thanks to Atera. Their IT Manager can now respond quickly to employees and issues, troubleshoot devices and servers remotely (even on mobile), and automatically patch software to keep their tech stack up-to-date.

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SWNS Media Group has doubled their productivity with Atera

Atera's Open AI-powered script generator has been a game changer for my team. Instead of referring to a search engine and wasting time finding the right script to run, we just describe the problem and receive a script in seconds to review and run on devices remotely. It has dramatically reduced time to resolution.

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Atera and Acronis combo helps Stellar IT Solutions keep their clients data secure

For Stellar IT, Atera has made supporting their clients a breeze. They rely on Atera to provide real-time visibility into the health and performance of their IT systems and stay abreast of potential issues. They have enhanced their customer offerings with Acronis Cyber Protect, connected to Atera.

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Bringing clients into the digital revolution via Atera’s App Center

Layer3 was determined to find a powerful, cost-effective IT management solution to help them optimize their processes and expand their services. By onboarding Atera and leveraging solutions available on the Atera App Center marketplace, Layer3 was able to easily find the right solutions to achieve their goals.

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Atera keeps Systemagic agile even without a sales team

As a small IT company with competitive prices, Systemagic needed a cost-effective platform that could help them differentiate their IT services. Atera fit the bill perfectly with its technician-based pricing and unlimited device support, intuitive onboarding, and broad ecosystem of partner solutions they can adopt and sell.

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Aspen Solutions uses Atera as a force multiplier to resolve customer issues

Aspen solutions decided to bolster their scaling efforts with Atera’s IT management platform. Atera quickly became the obvious choice, acting as the glue between their technicians. It encouraged proactive maintenance leading to greater customer satisfaction.

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Cloudscape streamlines processes and becomes operationally efficient thanks to Atera

Using Atera’s award-winning IT management platform, Cloudscape was able to access all tools needed to automate and scale business practices. They were able to retire many of their legacy platforms, which meant considerable bottom line cost savings each month.

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Atera drives Amerihub efficiency to deliver dynamic customer support

From ease of rolling out agents to implementing advanced maintenance, Atera is changing the way Amerihub does business today. It allows their I.T. team to concentrate on important assignments and on providing better service to clients. With integrations to security solutions like Webroot, Atera ensures that security is always up to date.

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