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Atera drives Amerihub efficiency to deliver dynamic customer support

Amerihub Technologies

As an IT support company serving small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs), Amerihub was looking for a hassle-free Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution that would enable them to manage their business their way with a more lucrative pricing model, advanced anti-virus, remote agent capabilities, and flexible features that they could grow into a complete package. They were looking for a robust solution that could allow them to easily manage and monitor their end clients computers and servers,” explains Vince Adamo, Amerihub’s technical support director. “Our main concern was to have a solution that was seamless and didn’t interrupt the users whatsoever.” Amerihub wanted to have greater control over their business, and needed a solution vendor that had the innovative solution and roadmap to meet their diverse needs today and in the future.

“Atera was the best fit for what we were looking for. It’s easy to use, easy to install, doesn’t interrupt the flow of our clients, and drives efficiency in our daily business processes. ”

Vince Adamo Technical Support Director, Amerihub

About Amerihub

Amerihub Technologies is a Managed Service Provider offering application hosting, remote workplace, cloud backup, technology management, and 24/7 monitoring. As an industry trendsetter in cloud hosting, Amerihub’s cloud server infrastructure is engineered to be the fastest in the industry — regardless of the application. Backed by a team of engineers that live and breathe technology, the company has a proven track record of delivering the highest-possible level of support and exceeds the data protection and privacy needs of almost all organizations. Amerihub specializes in making business critical applications available from anywhere on the planet with a stable internet connection. They help free businesses from the never-ending cycle of buying expensive servers every three to five years and from the cycle of constantly spending money to support those systems.

Atera revolutionizes Amerihub’s ability to support clients

For a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the key word to success is “service”. If Amerihub couldn’t feel confident in providing the exceptional service its current SMB customers demanded, how could they ever grow to support more clients? In the highly competitive MSP market, they needed a partner that could deliver a robust solution that was easy to use, and that was able to grow with them. Researching what Atera could do, Vince took Atera’s RMM solution for a test-drive to see what it could offer his company. “Atera was the best fit for what we were looking for,” says Vince. “It’s easy to use, easy to install, doesn’t interrupt the flow of our clients and drives efficiency in our daily business processes.” As Vince and his team started using Atera over the past year, its advantages to Amerihub’s success multiplied. “Offering so much in such a simple package, Atera has revolutionized how we support our customers and how we manage our business,” continues Vince.

“Atera’s technology is so good that it has become second nature for us.”

Vince Adamo Technical Support Director, Amerihub

Simplified solution in a robust package

Since Atera is born in the cloud, it provides a totally different approach to onboarding and daily ease of use. With pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks that can be applied to servers and workstations, Atera freed up the Amerihub team to concentrate on more important assignments and providing better service to clients. “Atera’s technology is so good that it has become second nature for us,” says Vince. Amerihub also required that their partner be aligned with Webroot for advanced security protection. With Webroot, Atera ensures that security is always up to date to maintain a zero-day attack policy. From the ease of rolling out the agents to implementing advanced maintenance without taking over remote PCs, Atera is changing the way Amerihub does business.

Amerihub finds in Atera a partner to help them grow business

You can’t control what you can’t see and that’s why Atera’s beautiful dashboard set up enabled Amerihub to take charge of their business. With a click of a button, Vince’s team can respond to and solve customer issues quickly, and investigate warnings and errors based on patch management and automation tools. “Minutes count in supporting clients, and Atera’s dashboard makes it easy to get the reporting and system details we need for our clients,” adds Vince. Atera’s Patch Management made it easy for the team to implement a patch install automation methodology, including multiple templates per client, that can be easily applied to unique users’ devices. “It’s essential that we have control managing our clients’ devices and groups, whether it’s multiple templates for one unique user or excluding certain patches for another,” shares Vince. “The power is in our hands.” Scripting is also essential to enhance efficiency and automate tasks.

Vince and his team were impressed with the scripting capabilities they found with Atera, including the ease of uploading their own scripts and access to the large library of scripts shared by the Atera community. “The accessibility of scripting and APIs are tremendous,” says Vince. “It was great to be able to launch scripts without the user being involved.” As a company inspired to evolve in and with the industry, Amerihub appreciated that Atera not only had all the services they needed now to meet customer expectations but could grow with their business. “We are always learning about more functionality and Atera continues to add to their IT management platform each month,” says Vince. Always ready to help, Atera recently unveiled additional U.S. support and online chat capabilities. Vince adds, “We asked for more support and Atera delivered.”

A Bright Future for Amerihub

Since starting a year ago with Atera, Amerihub has seen some wonderful changes to how they support their customers. “We are very happy with everything Atera has provided our business,” says Vince. “As we grow, we are gradually adding more and more of their services to increase our efficiency and deliver even better support to those that matter most, our clients.”

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