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Empowering post-acute care with Atera: AlixaRx's journey to streamlined IT management




In the fast-paced world of healthcare, organizations like AlixaRx strive to provide exceptional patient care while navigating complex regulatory requirements. As the National Director of Technology at AlixaRx, Michael Crowder has been at the forefront of implementing innovative solutions to enhance their operations. With a mission to improve medication accessibility, reduce waste, and optimize operations, AlixaRx has been revolutionizing the institutional pharmacy landscape. In their pursuit of excellence, they found a valuable partner in Atera, a comprehensive IT management platform that has empowered them to streamline their operations and focus on their core mission.

Atera has provided us with a seamless communication process, allowing us to address end user needs effectively. With Atera’s AI suggested solutions, we can promptly and efficiently resolve end user issues, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory support experience.”

Michael Crowder National Director of Technology


AlixaRx: Pioneering institutional pharmacy services

AlixaRx is a leading institutional pharmacy provider specializing in serving Post-Acute Care facilities across the United States. With a dedicated team of 350 employees spread across five pharmacies and their corporate headquarters, AlixaRx ensures medication accessibility, improved patient care, and cost reduction for their 25,000 patients in over 200 facilities across 17 states. What sets AlixaRx apart is their commitment to personalized medication packets, reducing waste and medication administration errors, and their dedicated Pharmacy Service Technicians who provide on-site support.

Meeting the challenges head-on

Like any organization, AlixaRx faced its fair share of challenges. Managing IT support efficiently and adhering to stringent compliance regulations were top priorities. With internal teams handling IT support, AlixaRx managed to provide round-the-clock support to their customer facilities. However, they lacked an internal employee ticketing system, struggled with device management, and needed comprehensive monitoring capabilities. To compound the complexity, AlixaRx had to comply with government regulations for healthcare organizations such as HIPAA & HITECH, as well as keep up with Centers for Medicare/Medicaid regulations as they changed or new regulations were created.

Discovering Atera: A game-changer for AlixaRx

Michael Crowder, the driving force behind AlixaRx’s IT strategy, learned about Atera through one of their engineers who had prior experience with the platform. Impressed by its ease of use, functionality, and cost-effectiveness, Michael saw an opportunity to transform their IT management processes. Atera’s impact was immediate and transformative, enabling AlixaRx to resolve employee tickets faster, optimize their workforce, improve device monitoring and maintenance, and enhance reporting capabilities.

HIPAA compliance: Testament to maintaining highest security and privacy

With Atera’s HIPAA compliance, AlixaRX can confidently manage their IT infrastructure, knowing that Atera prioritizes security and privacy. One key aspect of HIPAA is its Privacy Rule, which establishes standards for safeguarding patients’ personal health information (PHI) and empowers individuals with greater control over their health data. Covered entities, including healthcare providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses, must adhere to these rules by implementing security measures, obtaining patient consent for certain uses of PHI, and ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to this information. The Security Rule further complements the Privacy Rule by mandating these entities to adopt measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular security assessments to protect electronic PHI from unauthorized access or breaches.


The power of Atera: Streamlining operations and driving growth

Atera proved to be a game-changer for AlixaRx, delivering tangible benefits that positively impacted their operations. By deploying Atera, AlixaRx reduced one full-time employee, resulting in significant annual cost savings of $85,000. This optimization allowed them to support internal growth with existing staff while improving response times for employee tickets. The key features that drove these efficiencies were Atera’s support ticketing system, robust reporting and auditing capabilities, and the ability to deploy PowerShell scripts to remote endpoints swiftly and effortlessly.


Empowering IT teams with Atera’s user-friendly platform

Atera’s user-friendliness and intuitive navigation were instrumental in ensuring a seamless transition for AlixaRx’s IT team. With its comprehensive feature set, Atera required minimal training, allowing new employees to hit the ground running. This ease of use not only saved time but also improved overall productivity. The platform’s integration with AlixaRx’s existing infrastructure, including 450 PCs, Thin Clients, and Laptops, as well as 65 SmartPhones, further streamlined their IT management processes.


Time and efficiency savings: Atera’s role in AlixaRx’s success

Atera’s impact on AlixaRx’s time and efficiency cannot be understated. With a nearly 100% daily open ticket resolution rate, the platform’s remote endpoint management capabilities enabled swift issue resolution, ensuring uninterrupted operations for customer facilities. The comprehensive monitoring capabilities provided by Atera allowed AlixaRx to proactively identify and address potential IT issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Looking towards the future: Leveraging Atera’s potential

As technology continues to advance, Michael Crowder is excited about the potential of leveraging Atera’s AI-driven capabilities to further optimize their IT management processes. Atera’s scalability has also proven invaluable as AlixaRx expands its business portfolio and explores new regions. With Atera’s continuous updates and commitment to staying at the forefront of AI-powered IT management solutions, AlixaRx is confident in their ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving healthcare industry.


Conclusion: Atera’s enduring partnership with AlixaRx

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, AlixaRx stands out as a trailblazer in institutional pharmacy services. With Michael Crowder leading the charge, AlixaRx has successfully harnessed the power of Atera to streamline their IT management processes, save time and money and enhance their overall efficiency. Atera’s comprehensive features, user-friendliness, and exceptional value have made it an invaluable partner for AlixaRx’s continued success. As Michael Crowder aptly puts it, “It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.” And with Atera by their side, AlixaRx is poised to handle any opportunity that comes their way, ensuring seamless operations, exceptional patient care, and continued growth.


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