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Hold up, how do I set up alerts in Atera?


I need advice on my Patch Management. How do I set it up in Atera?


There’s a lot of talk about tickets, but how do I actually create one?



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Third-Party support

  • Splashtop

    Got an issue with your Splashtop integration? Their team is always ready to support you.

    Contact Splashtop
  • Webroot

    Is your Webroot integration glitching? Manage your protection, speak to their Support.

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  • AnyDesk

    Have issues with your Anydesk performance? Their Support is waiting to help.

    Contact AnyDesk
  • Bitdefender

    Bitdefender is our cybersecurity partner. Got issues? Connect with their Support.

    Contact Bitdefender
  • Acronis

    Been a slight hitch with your integration? Contact Acronis’ Support.

    Contact Acronis
  • Xero

    Has your sync with Xero hit a snag? Count on their Support anytime!

    Contact Xero
  • QuickBooks Online

    Have trouble with your QuickBooks integration? Get help fast!

    Contact QuickBooks

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