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IT with IQ with IT Automation and Scripting

Harness the power of Atera’s all-in-one IT automation tools to automate manual and mundane tasks, so you can focus on the work you were born to do.

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Why do scripts take your IT work to the next level?

Why do scripts take your IT work to the next level?
Scripts are short and simple commands that automate processes, and fix issues before they even become problems. You can now automate mundane repetitive tasks. You need an IT solution that works harder for you so you can work smarter.

IT Automation tools that actually work

Use Atera’s IT Automation tools to fully streamline your work and IT support. Create and implement powerful IT Automation rules to upgrade your work-life, and take your capabilities to the next-level. IT Automation Profiles can be applied to company servers, devices, or workstation with a simple configuration. Use these profiles to:

  • Create System Restore Point
  • Deleting Temp Files
  • Delete Internet History
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Defragment (All disks)
  • Run Checkdisk (All disks)
  • Run Scripts, even from the Mobile App

And much more…


Robust Scripting for the next-generation IT professional

Scripts increase your automation capabilities and streamline your work so you can work smarter and put some of your manual tasks on autopilot. You can run scripts manually per device, or schedule them as part of IT Automation profiles and tasks — you have the power to choose. Upload your own scripts, or take advantage of our shared script library to find tried-and-true scripts.

Atera supports a wide range of formats including:

  • MSI
  • Bash files
  • CMD files
  • PowerShell®

The future of Patch Management like never before

Patch management is an essential tool in your IT Automation toolbox. It saves you time by patching security vulnerabilities, eradicating bugs, improving usability, and increasing performance by ensuring all software is up-to-date.

Plan your tasks ahead of time for servers and workstations, installing Java or Adobe updates, handling essential driver updates, and/or configuring your preferences when it comes to Microsoft updates. You can now easily create a unique IT automation profile for each of your end-users.

Automate and simplify onboarding and offboarding side en

Launch into the future with Automatic Scripts

Not only do you have access to scripts, but you can also automate them to run whenever you want, however you want. It’s your game, you make the rules.

Scripts are mostly short and simple commands that automate processes and correct issues, so you’ll want to schedule them ahead of time. Do you have tasks that you want to perform routinely? Across multiple systems? Using a script along with automation empowers you to do just that. This ensures that the actions you want to happen will happen automatically, exactly when and where needed, and without you lifting a finger. IT solutions that work for you.

Power up your processes with shared Scripts

Get access to Atera’s comprehensive Shared Script Library with hundreds of useful, and ready-to-use scripts written by Atera, and the Atera community. Used as a stand-alone, or cloned and modified, they let you have complete flexibility and total customization.


All scripts in the Shared Script Library are checked for malware, so you know they’re safe to use.



PowerShell is a superpower solution that combines command-line speed, the flexibility of scripting, and the force of a GUI-based admin tool right inside of Atera.


more sub features

Software Installation

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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Determine the alerts you get about your end-user's devices with the ‘threshold profile’, so you’re only alerted when you need to be.

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IT Reporting and analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Use reporting to increase customer retention by proactively providing your customers with valuable insights.

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Mac Remote Monitoring and Management made easy

Install only one software — Atera’s Mac RMM agent — to unlock the next level with complete visibility and control over the Mac environment.

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IT Documentation

IT documentation is how you codify your processes for better collaboration, customer service and efficiency. Take it to the next level with Atera!

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Linux Remote Monitoring and Management for deeper visibility

Utilize Atera’s Linux RMM agent to gain complete visibility and control over your Linux environments seamlessly!

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Server Monitoring

Explore Atera's server monitoring feature for comprehensive IT management. Keep servers running smoothly with real-time insights and alerts.

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