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Mac Remote Monitoring and Management made easy

Install only one software — Atera’s Mac RMM agent — to unlock the next level with complete visibility and control over the Mac environment.

Mac agent desktop

Mac performance monitoring done right

Atera includes host performance monitoring, which allows you to set system activity thresholds that will trigger alert notifications when crossed, giving you the necessary time to respond long before alerts turn into real problems or system failures.


System alerts appear in the Atera console and can be directed to key team members by email, collaboration platform messages, or SMS — you can now program your playground by communicating however works best for you.

Supercharged remote connections

With full remote access your IT software works hard for you. Manage any Mac device you need remotely, anytime and anywhere.

MAC REMOTE side en

Patch Management

Managing a software inventory for an end-user requires the reconciliation of licenses and installed instances. The remote access and process automation features enable the automated onboarding of new Macs and new users, so you can install software automatically per device or in bulk. Versions can be updated automatically, and services and operating systems can be patched remotely thanks to the Mac agent. Let your IT program work harder so you can work faster, and smarter.

Next-generation User Support Access

The Mac agent enables you to access Macs on a client site in order to explore and fix problems. Effortlessly gain direct access to the operating system or interactive use of the Mac through a screen mirroring utility.
[Ctrl] remote monitoring your way so things will never be difficult again.

User support access side en

Inventory and user activity logging

Users that need to prove compliance to a data security standard must have all actions on their entire system logged, and that of course includes all of their Macs. Event logs from Macs can be gathered by the Atera Mac agent and centralized in a cloud-based archive, so maintenance actions can be automatically carried out with your needing to so much as lift a finger. Today is judgment day for maintenance actions – launch into the future, now.

Full Monitoring and Management for Macs

The Atera Mac agent enables you to fully monitor and manage all of the desktop devices you need, no matter where they’re located.
Get all your Mac devices up and running on Atera in minutes, so you can focus on building a better future for the digital world.


more sub features

Software Installation

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IT automation

Harness the power of Atera’s all-in-one IT automation tools to automate manual and mundane tasks, so you can focus on the work you were born to do.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Determine the alerts you get about your end-user's devices with the ‘threshold profile’, so you’re only alerted when you need to be.

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IT Reporting and analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Use reporting to increase customer retention by proactively providing your customers with valuable insights.

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IT Documentation

IT documentation is how you codify your processes for better collaboration, customer service and efficiency. Take it to the next level with Atera!

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Linux Remote Monitoring and Management for deeper visibility

Utilize Atera’s Linux RMM agent to gain complete visibility and control over your Linux environments seamlessly!

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Server Monitoring

Explore Atera's server monitoring feature for comprehensive IT management. Keep servers running smoothly with real-time insights and alerts.

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