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Remote Access

Access computers, desktops, servers, applications, and files quickly and easily with Atera’s remote support software, perfect for attended and unattended sessions so technicians can control remotely from anywhere, as well as in person. Start a session directly from an alert, ticket, or device view via AnyDesk or Splashtop, or integrate with TeamViewer or ScreenConnect for bring your own license.

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Work from home with Splashtop

Allow employees to work from home with a single click, seamlessly and securely providing access to their office environment from their home computer. Employees see everything on the network just as they would from the office desk. Long commute? From workaholics to bad hangovers, your end-users can now stay in bed to catch up on their beauty sleep.

  • Powered by Splashtop Remote Access
  • Pay only for enabled devices at $5 per month
  • Keep full control of workstation access from the Atera console
  • Built-in 2FA mechanism
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Work from Home- Tablet

Attended and unattended support

Attended remote access means that the technician can start remote sessions when the end-users are physically in front of the specific machine in question. The great news is Atera also supports unattended access via Splashtop, allowing technicians to perform diagnostics, schedule and perform updates and installations, and troubleshoot issues on devices without an assigned user.  

  • By default, technicians can connect unattended to ensure seamless support
  • Switch to attended support to allow users to accept or reject the connection
  • Support servers, network devices, routers, switches, and more
  • Use smart scripting options for per-device security

Smart Remote Access collaboration tools

Make it easy to support remote users with a whole army of intelligent tools and features for communication with Atera’s remote access software. Enjoy whiteboarding and shared screen capabilities, and chat from inside a remote session or even when a session is closed. And remember, sharing is caring when it comes to sending your favorite IT memes.

  • Allow multiple technicians to access the same machine simultaneously
  • Session recording for training or escalation
  • Control keyboard and mouse, even when machines are unattended.

Airtight security and control

Remote Access needs to be secure, no ifs, ands, or buts. With Atera’s remote IT software, all remote sessions are protected with either TLS 1.2 RSA 2048 or 256-bit AES encryption. User IDs and passwords are encrypted in transit and at rest. Finally, every single connection, file transfer, and all management events are logged as a matter of course. It’s getting like Fort Knox up in here.


  • Two-step verification and device authentication
  • In-built compliance with GDPR, SOC2, and more
  • Multi-level credential security
  • Blank screen and auto-lock available
  • Idle session timeout

File transfer

Remotely explore and manage end-user files, and then upload and download what you need from multiple devices. Sending and sharing files can be completed in seconds, with full data encryption of information both in transit and at rest.


  • Use Remote File Explorer and Transfer
  • Download available on Growth and Power
  • Pro users can remotely view and search
  • Download or upload files up to 100MB
  • Tiered usage, up to 50GB per account, per month

Multi-monitor capabilities

One connection with AnyDesk or Splashtop and your technicians can view multiple screens or devices at the same time. No need to end sessions and start new ones to see additional monitors or devices, view it all at a single glance. Well, you always did wish to be like your favorite humanoid with extra eyes.


  • Monitor several screens with one connection
  • Open multiple concurrent remote sessions
  • Allow multiple technicians to connect to the same device simultaneously
  • Use the Atera mobile app to remotely monitor from anywhere

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Get full visibility and control of your IT environment—unlimited devices, fixed monthly cost.


Atera AI

Unlock new standards of organizational efficiency with Atera’s AI-powered solution.


Remote Access

Start sessions instantly and easily with AnyDesk, Splashtop, TeamViewer, or ScreenConnect.


Helpdesk & Ticketing

Deliver immediate, efficient, reliable end-user support and issue resolution at scale.


Network Discovery

Network Discovery provides complete security scans of your network in real time.


Patch Management

Automate Windows, Mac, and Linux software patches on your end-user devices.