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Provide next-level service with your Customer Portal

Sync your ticketing system, provide instant responses, issue articles and tips in your knowledge base and launch your service into the next level.

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Create a fully branded Customer Portal for your clients

Create a unique and personalized support site for your customers with Atera’s Customer Portal. You can now fully customize and brand it so it looks and feels exactly the way you want it to. Through the Customer Portal, your customers can open and track tickets, access any information they need inside your knowledge base, as well as many more exciting things.

Atera's customer portal

Prepare the perfect knowledge base for your customers

By formulating all of your clients’ questions and concerns in a robust and centralized client-facing knowledge base you can now wave goodbye to all those repetitive questions. Your customers will enjoy having all their queries answered in one easily accessible place, as well as getting full access to all your essential articles, tips, and tricks in your Knowledge Base whenever they want.

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Supercharge your teamwork and onboarding

Training your team and keeping them up-to-date just got an upgrade.

Using your own customizable knowledge base, your team members can access all the information they really need, whenever they need it. Nothing makes working together as a team run smoother than powering up an internal comprehensive Knowledge Base for efficient communication. It may feel like Groundhog day every time that colleague asks you the same question – only now you know exactly where to point them to. Working smarter just got a lot easier.

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Flexible contracts and billing

Easily create the perfect contract and service level agreement (SLA) that turns prospects into signed customers with the customization and flexibility you crave.

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Reports and analytics

Generate on-demand or automated reports that track and measure end-users’ networks, assets, system health, and overall performance.

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Ticket automations

Fast-track your ticketing system to the next level with the most effective way to manage your users’ environments, time-tracking, communication, and details across the organization.

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