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The next level of reporting and analytics

Generate automated reports that track and measure end users’ networks, assets, system health, and overall performance. Gone are the days when IT professionals needed to work in a black hole of darkness. Become the all-seeing, all-knowing IT specialist your customers need.

Powerful Analytics Desktop

Why use PSA reporting and analytics?

Having a fully comprehensive view of your IT business empowers you with actionable insights. Use the intelligent data points from your next-generation reports to measure customer profitability, track timesheets, understand technical performance, load analysis and so much more.


Check out below just a small taster of all the reports that you get inside Atera’s all-in-one RMM and PSA platform.


Patch Status Summary - Why use PSA

Load Analysis Report

See the bottlenecks in your business that are the enemy of productivity. With the Load Analysis Report, you instantly see which tickets are being held up and which are in the process of being resolved, all with powered up analytics. To name but a few, you’ll see ticket loads by status, and time of arrival.

Top Load Report

Gain a better understanding of your business with always-updating ticket reporting. With Top Load Report, you gain complete visibility with hard data for all things ticket metrics. Measure the total tickets, duration, and a whole lot more.


Technician Performance

Supercharge your productivity by measuring the performance of your technicians. With the Technician Performance Report, you can quickly analyze and compare your technicians by performance. Get things done faster and smarter, and use this report to launch your team’s efficiency into the next level.

Customer Profitability

Turbocharge your profits with smarter reporting regarding your users. Use the Customer Profitability Report to instantly see which of your users take up more of your time, and therefore costing you the most. Knowledge is power so use this report to power up your decision-making and operational skills, and take things to where they can be.



Master your time and efficiency like the IT caped crusader you’ve always wanted to be. With the Timesheet report, you’ll see the precise metrics on all the time allocated to your user tickets, time entries, and hours worked related to billing information — if and when relevant.

Satisfied/Dissatisfied Customers

Your users are the lifeblood of your business, so aSatisfied Customer Report is one of the most crucial data points you need as an IT professional. Use this report to fully understand how well you’re doing or where you need to take things to the next level in the eyes of your end-users.


Create, explore, and view advanced reports

Make data-driven decisions every time by gaining invaluable insights into your business operations with Atera’s advanced reports. You can take advantage of our five preset reports, or tailor-make your own informative dashboards if you’re on the Power plan!

With the Viewer package* you can view, filter, and schedule advanced preset reports. On top of the Viewer functionality, with the Explore package*, you can also create, schedule, view, filter, and share built-in, next-gen reports and dashboards that can be scheduled and shared. 

Note: Advanced reports are divided into Viewer and Explore capabilities. Viewer is available to Growth and Power users only, and Explore is available to Power users only.

more sub features

Customer Portal

Sync your ticketing system, provide instant responses, issue articles and tips in your knowledge base and launch your service into the next level.

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Flexible contracts and billing

Easily create the perfect contract and service level agreement (SLA) that turns prospects into signed customers with the customization and flexibility you crave.

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Ticket automations

Fast-track your ticketing system to the next level with the most effective way to manage your users’ environments, time-tracking, communication, and details across the organization.

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