Helpdesk, Billing, and Reporting (PSA)

Effortlessly optimize the way you communicate with your end users, and manage them all from a single intuitive dashboard with Atera’s professional service automation software. Ticketing, accounting, reports, and much more. Atera’s signature all-in-one 360° view is the next-level of PSA mastery.

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Helpdesk and ticketing

Presenting your very own brand new, hyper-pink control station. A busy IT environment calls for next-generation dispatching, and Atera’s robust PSA software offers you just that with customized automation that streamlines the way you work.


  • Email to ticket functionality
  • Manage your helpdesk on the go with our native Mobile App, including deleting tickets straight from the app
  • Schedule tickets ahead of time
  • Add recurring tickets
  • Use quick reply templates
  • 7 ways to create tickets
  • Calendar integrations (Office 365 and Google Calendar)
  • Connect to devices directly from within tickets with the click of a button
  • Automatically generate tickets from alerts, keep everything neatly documented, and don’t lose out on any billable hours

Customer Portal

Tightly synchronized with Atera’s predictive and intuitive ticketing UI, the Customer Portal is where the magic happens. From a robust knowledgebase for self-serve opportunities, to a comprehensive view of tickets and communications, we’ve got you covered.


  • Provide employee or customer training
  • Track open communications
  • View tickets across teams
  • Offer self-serve and troubleshooting
  • White-label functionality
  • Sync your contacts with Azure AD
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Atera's customer portal

Flexible contracts and billing

Seamless billing integrations are the must-have value-add for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who want to take their business to where it can be. Create contracts for customers that align directly to their needs, keep track of different rates, and offer transparent SLAs for ultimate customer satisfaction. Sit back and watch those customer satisfaction scores takeoff.


  • Differentiate rates by customer need
  • Create contracts for hourly, fixed term, 3rd party products, retainer, and more
  • Manage SLA policies
  • Automatic time capture
  • Easy to track timesheet functionality
  • Integration with QuickBooks and Xero
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Atera's flexible contracts

Reports and analytics

Next-level IT professionals keep their heads on a swivel , but in today’s complex IT environments, this is proving harder to achieve. Atera automatically generates reports, allowing you to put data first, and provide the answers you need to do your job effectively.


  • Load analysis report
  • Top load report
  • Measure total tickets, ticket duration, and much more
  • Technician performance report
  • Customer profitability report for MSPs
  • Timesheet reports
  • Customer satisfaction report
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Reports and analytics PSA - Mobile - EN

Advanced Reporting

Make better decisions today by gaining invaluable insights into your business operations with Atera’s advanced reports. Atera automatically generates reports, allowing you to put data first, and provide the answers you need to do your job effectively. 

With Atera’s advanced reports, you can create informative dashboards, customize your own reports, or use our pre-set reports.

AI ticket tagging

Atera’s AI-based automatic ticket tagging means that when tickets and requests come in out of business hours, they’ll automatically be directed to the right IT professional for the job. The next level of Managing tickets just got unlocked.

  • Categorize by specific keywords or topics
  • Effortlessly classify tickets to groups
  • Automatically send specific tickets to the right IT team member
  • Search by distinct tags
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Atera's AI Ticket Tagging

Ticket automations

Power up your ticketing by setting up automations ahead of time. You can now simplify communication with your users, create custom fields to search by, and create your very own ticket automation rules.


  • Categorize tickets by defined topics
  • Support quicker time to resolution
  • Set ticket rules to suit any location
  • Integrate with your calendar to easily see all scheduled events from within tickets
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more main features

Remote Monitoring and Management

The all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM) that offers full visibility and control to upgrade your IT management from reactive to proactive with a single solution.

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Remote Access

Start a session directly from an alert, ticket, or device via AnyDesk or Splashtop, or integrate with TeamViewer or ScreenConnect for bring your own license.

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Patch Management

Automate patches for Windows, Mac, and other software and OS on your end-users' devices.

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Specifically tailored to the way IT departments accomplish their day-to-day tasks, Atera’s helpdesk solution and ticketing system are intuitive and user-friendly, enabling you to communicate with end users using a live chat, in addition to managing tickets like a boss.

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Network Discovery

Atera’s Network Discovery provides a comprehensive security scan and complete view of all of your end-user networks and devices, automatically updating to ensure you always see the full picture.

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Atera lets you manage your environment with the tools you know and love, as well as adopt software add-ons as your IT needs evolve.

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