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Powerful next-generation RMM reporting and analytics

Become the master of your IT universe, and generate on-demand or automated reports that track and measure end-users’ networks, assets, system health, and overall performance.

reporting and analytics

Robust Reporting

Atera lets you automatically create every report you’ll ever need. Use next-level reporting to increase customer retention and loyalty by proactively providing your customers with expert and invaluable insights to show just how essential you really are to their everyday work processes.
Some of our top reports include:


  • System Health at-a-glance
  • Specific customer health
  • Agent health
  • System Inventory Audit
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Software Inventory
  • Patch & Automation Feedback
  • Customer Periodic Report
  • Patch & Automation Feedback Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Products and Expenses Report
  • Satisfied Customer Report
  • Dissatisfied Customer Report
  • Software Inventory Report
  • Customer Profitability Report
  • Auditor Report
  • Technician Performance Report


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Reports and analytics

Scheduled Reports

Let Atera’s automations create powerful reports for you, so you can schedule them to be sent to your end-users’ or technicians’ inboxes at a designated time of your choice. Keep everyone up-to-date with details on overall system health, inventory, or ticket summaries, without even needing to press “send”. Now, that’s a solution that really works hard for you!


schedule reports

Asset and inventory tracking

Atera’s agent allows you to get deeper insights and the asset information you need with the click of a button.
Within seconds get access to:


  • Hardware distribution
  • Software inventory
  • Operating System distribution
  • MS Office distribution
  • Antivirus type, update and license status
  • HDD Usage and alerting on upgrades required
  • Hardware (CPU, Memory) type, size and alert on upgrade
  • required
  • Detailed Server and Workstation configuration and status
Automate and simplify onboarding and offboarding

more sub features

Software Installation

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IT automation

Harness the power of Atera’s all-in-one IT automation tools to automate manual and mundane tasks, so you can focus on the work you were born to do.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Determine the alerts you get about your end-user's devices with the ‘threshold profile’, so you’re only alerted when you need to be.

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Mac Remote Monitoring and Management made easy

Install only one software — Atera’s Mac RMM agent — to unlock the next level with complete visibility and control over the Mac environment.

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IT Documentation

IT documentation is how you codify your processes for better collaboration, customer service and efficiency. Take it to the next level with Atera!

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Linux Remote Monitoring and Management for deeper visibility

Utilize Atera’s Linux RMM agent to gain complete visibility and control over your Linux environments seamlessly!

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Server Monitoring

Explore Atera's server monitoring feature for comprehensive IT management. Keep servers running smoothly with real-time insights and alerts.

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