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Server Monitoring

Transform server management with Atera and shift from reactive to proactive, ensuring servers are always performing at their best. Atera's solution simplifies server oversight, offering real-time alerts, automated maintenance, and in-depth data analytics.

Screenshot of Atera's server monitoring dashboard

What is server monitoring?

Server monitoring with Atera is the vigilant eye your IT infrastructure needs. In addition to ensuring uptime, the Atera Agent optimizes your servers for maximum performance and reliability to minimize any potential disruptions.

With Atera, rest assured you get:

  • Continuous monitoring of server health and performance
  • Real-time alerts for immediate issue detection
  • Automated problem resolution to minimize downtime
  • Detailed server analytics for informed decision-making
  • Customizable monitoring to fit your unique needs
Atera's server monitoring

In-depth analytics

Gain unprecedented insights into your servers with Atera’s analytics. With detailed reports that shine a light on performance, resource utilization, and more, you’ll make data-driven decisions that improve server management.

Screenshot of Atera's server monitoring analytics

Automated server maintenance

Atera gives you the power to schedule essential tasks, set performance alerts, and automate fixes, boosting efficiency and reliability.

IT automation for Mac Patch Management

Seamless integration

Atera’s Server Monitoring fits into your existing ecosystem with ease, offering a comprehensive view of all your servers, regardless of the platform. Its intuitive setup and dashboard make server management straightforward and effective.

Atera's server monitoring

Custom notification alerts

With Atera, you control the alerts. Customize what you’re notified about and how, ensuring you’re always ahead of issues without being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications.

Atera's server monitoring

more sub features

Software Installation

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IT automation

Harness the power of Atera’s all-in-one IT automation tools to automate manual and mundane tasks, so you can focus on the work you were born to do.

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Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Determine the alerts you get about your end-user's devices with the ‘threshold profile’, so you’re only alerted when you need to be.

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IT Reporting and analytics

Powerful reporting and analytics at your fingertips. Use reporting to increase customer retention by proactively providing your customers with valuable insights.

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Mac Remote Monitoring and Management made easy

Install only one software — Atera’s Mac RMM agent — to unlock the next level with complete visibility and control over the Mac environment.

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IT Documentation

IT documentation is how you codify your processes for better collaboration, customer service and efficiency. Take it to the next level with Atera!

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Linux Remote Monitoring and Management for deeper visibility

Utilize Atera’s Linux RMM agent to gain complete visibility and control over your Linux environments seamlessly!

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