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MadPC selects Atera to boost productivity and deliver top-notch IT support

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IT teams are often overwhelmed with work, as they receive countless solicitations and requests from various sources. Additionally, the IT needs of employees are continuously increasing. To enhance their efficiency, it is crucial for IT teams to have access to effective tools. Recognizing the significance of proper technology and a well-structured IT architecture, an increasing number of companies and organizations are prioritizing this aspect. The stakes are high, especially when it comes to managing the ever-growing number of tickets, all while ensuring optimal IT security. Gabriel Bariatti, the CIO of the Vincent de Paul Campus in Avignon and the manager of MadPC, has made the decision to trust Atera as a solution to these challenges.

“I selected Atera as our IT management solution to address various challenges, such as centralization and visibility, proactive monitoring, task automation, contract and asset management. Atera’s user-friendly interface and extensive features have significantly improved our capacity to deliver top-notch IT support for MadPC customers and the Vincent de Paul Campus.”

CIO at Vincent De Paul Campus

Getting to know MadPC


Gabriel Bariatti, CIO of Campus Vincent de Paul Avignon and CEO of MadPC, has a strong background in IT with a Higher National Diploma. Starting as a technician, he progressed to a network administrator role before ultimately becoming the CIO. In his current position, Gabriel is responsible for managing the IT infrastructure of the Vincent de Paul campus in Avignon.In addition to his role at the campus, Gabriel also runs MadPC, a company that offers Managed Service Provider (MSP) services. With 40 clients, including the Vincent de Paul campus, and an installed base of 750 workstations, Gabriel’s passion for IT shines through in his dedication to providing top-notch services.

“With four geographical sites and a complex IT architecture, including 650 workstations for 1500 users, Atera helps me effectively handle all equipment maintenance tasks for the Vincent de Paul Campus.”

CIO at Vincent De Paul Campus

Challenges: Technology, efficiency, budget and regulations


Every day, Gabriel Bariatti tackles the challenges facing his company on his own, in terms of technology, customer support efficiency, budget and regulatory compliance. One might think that the environment is quite different between the university campus and the other customers the MSP looks after. In reality, this is not the case, and the problems often overlap.

The IT expert points to a lack of security awareness among users, who are often the weakest link in the chain, as they fail to apply best practices. Both the campus and corporate networks Gabriel Bariatti works on present risks in terms of passwords, phishing and fraudulent e-mail detection. And yet, securing devices is essential to prevent intrusion and unauthorized access. 

So there’s plenty for the CIO to do, managing vulnerabilities and ensuring that the organizations they look after are ready to meet the challenges posed by fast-changing technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Whether it’s the Vincent de Paul campus or the other companies MadPC takes care of, all have to comply with the Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. In particular, the aim is to implement security procedures that ensure data confidentiality. Privacy plays an essential role in the school context, and the CIO is regularly required to handle sensitive information relating to students or staff. At the same time, Gabriel Bariatti must also ensure that software licenses are compliant to avoid legal problems linked to the use of unauthorized software.

This means keeping an eye on the latest technologies, attending conferences and events, and building partnerships with suppliers and experts. It’s easy to see that this customer-focused MSP has his hands full. It was in this environment that Gabriel Bariatti turned to managed services and Atera.

Atera: The solution for greater efficiency and proactivity


It’s better to anticipate difficulties. To avoid being overwhelmed by demands whose scale and number are difficult to predict, Gabriel Bariatti relied on managed services and solutions from Atera. In particular, he intended to develop proactive monitoring: “It was crucial for me to have proactive monitoring of devices and networks to detect problems before they became critical.”  An excellent way to avoid being overwhelmed by IT events, and to better manage your time or interventions. As Gabriel Bariatti explains, “Atera offers real-time monitoring features and alerts, enabling rapid intervention to resolve potential problems before they affect user productivity.”

But Atera also meets the CIO’s need for centralization and visibility. As he has to manage a large number of workstations spread over different geographical locations, having an overview is essential. Atera has enabled MadPC to centralize its IT management, thanks to a global overview of all its networks and devices, all on a single dashboard.

We use Atera’s detailed reports to analyze the performance of our IT fleet, identify trends, and make insightful decisions regarding upgrades, configuration changes, and future investments.

CIO at Vincent De Paul Campus

For a solo MSP, automating tasks is essential. As Gabriel Bariatti manages a large number of machines on his own, he appreciates Atera’s automation capabilities for routine tasks. What’s more, the solution enables him to centrally manage contracts and assets for a large number of customers and machines.

Thanks to Atera, Gabriel Bariatti has been able to improve his operational efficiency. By reducing the time spent on routine tasks, he can ” focus more on strategic projects and initiatives that bring added value.” The platform helps him to strengthen the security of the networks under his responsibility, and to ensure optimal monitoring. He can also use it to analyze performance and trends. 


Looking towards the future


Gabriel Bariatti looks forward to the future with confidence thanks to Atera. He has been able to rationalize his activity and gain efficiency. His schedule is less chaotic, and he is now more able to combine his duties as CIO of the Vincent de Paul campus in Avignon with his role as MSP for his company, MadPC. Atera helps him on a daily basis to improve customer satisfaction, through a proactive approach, enhanced network monitoring, optimized reactivity and reduced ticket response time.

Atera has transformed the way Gabriel Bariatti operates. The platform and its various IT management solutions have given the CIO greater visibility, as well as significant possibilities for automating tasks. Gabriel Bariatti uses Atera to deploy and automate security, maintenance and update tasks for everyday softwares.

Atera’s philosophy matches that of the CIO, who likes to anticipate problems and adopt a proactive approach: “By implementing preventive strategies and taking a proactive approach to IT management,” he reveals, “we can avoid future problems before they turn into real threats.” In his opinion, vigilance and anticipation enable us to react quickly to unforeseen events, while implementing preventive security and maintenance measures with the single aim of maintaining the stability and performance of the IT environment.

Now that he is aware of Atera’s potential, Gabriel Bariatti intends to further accentuate the competitive edge the tool offers him. He plans to expand his customer portfolio, since Atera will enable him to be more efficient and free up time for his implementation strategy.

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